Garages & Services / 22.08.2022
Garages & Services / 22.08.2022

Guided high-voltage measurements with mega macs X

  • New functions make measurement procedures in the high-voltage range easier
  • Vehicle-specific step-by-step guidance for disconnecting voltages
  • Automatically generated test sequences for further measurements

Lippstadt, 22 August 2022. With the increase of hybrid and electric vehicles in workshops, the need for electrical measurements is also rising. Even before any diagnostics, the input check of the absence of voltage on high-voltage vehicles is on the agenda. Further down the line, measurements of insulation resistance, voltage up to 1,000 volts and equipotential bonding measurements on HV components may become necessary. With the aim of an interacting use of measurement data and functions, Hella Gutmann focuses on the coupling of the mega macs X diagnostic device with the compatible MT-HV high-voltage measurement technology. The result is a powerful all-in-one solution for the entire range of work on high-voltage vehicles − with growing added value for workshops.

Thanks to two new functions, high-voltage measurements with the mega macs X in X5 configuration are now even smoother: vehicle-specific step-by-step guidance during voltage disconnection and the individual configurability of potential and insulation resistance measurements. If the 'Guided measurement' function is chosen after the vehicle selection, information on the voltage disconnection procedure appears and the guided measurement can be started with a click. The following step-by-step guidance with safety instructions contains precise specifications on how and at which measuring points measurements must be performed. Each measurement step performed is confirmed via the button on the red high-voltage measuring cable. Its immediate automatic evaluation is automatically considered in the further measurement process. Last but not least, the documentation of the voltage disconnection takes place in the mega macs database.

The process flows of advanced measurements have also been made a little more elegant and thus faster in the latest mega macs software version. The menu item 'Guided high-voltage measurementʼ now provides the option for individual configuration of the desired potential and insulation resistance measurements. The user simply selects the relevant components of the high-voltage system from a list of components to be tested. Further components can be added manually. The mega macs X then automatically generates an optimal test sequence from this wish list, which can be worked through successively. The measurement results of this test sequence are also automatically documented.
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