Garages & Services / 22.01.2018
Garages & Services / 22.01.2018

New diagnostic tool from Hella Gutmann: mega macs 77

  • High-Speed Information Technology with Workshop Genes
  • Measuring Complex Electronic Systems Like a Pro

Ihringen, Germany, January 22, 2018. With the launch of the new diagnostic tool mega macs 77 in January 2018, Hella Gutmann is paving the way for even faster workshop processes. Just like its predecessor, the mega macs 66, the new model sets clear signals for the future. Its prominent features include high-speed reading and interpreting of fault codes, precise measurements with multimeter/oscilloscope, interactive coloured wiring diagrams, a large capacitive Full HD touchscreen and wireless charging in the docking station which is interconnected via Ethernet.


The combination of these technical innovations and the well-known strong points of the mega macs software coupled with the real-time repair concept are the basis for rendering workshop processes even more efficient. Moreover, these advantages are not limited to diagnostic pros in the workshop. The easy and intuitive operation of the tool as well as its statistically recorded repair procedures and guided measurements make it possible for even diagnostic newcomers to work with a high success rate. Thanks to the direct link between functions and data, the user is guided through the entire diagnostic process including the necessary measurements of complex electronic systems. The required settings on the oscilloscope/multimeter and the display of nominal values and signals are made automatically.


In a nutshell, fault code diagnosis with mega macs 77 is now even faster and more reliable. This makes the new diagnostic device the ideal tool for all workshops regardless of size and specialization. The new model from Hella Gutmann has what it takes for a long career because with its high-speed processor and numerous interfaces it is well equipped for a wide range of future add-ons.

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