Garages & Services / 21.08.2020
Garages & Services / 21.08.2020

mega macs diagnostics on Android devices

  • Hella Gutmann responds to increasing trend towards tablet usage in modern workshops
  • The same in-depth diagnosis as mega macs 42 SE and mega macs PC

Ihringen, 21 August 2020. The diagnostics product mega macs PC raised the bar when it was launched back in 2014: by providing an alternative or an addition to conventional diagnostic tools, it has allowed Hella Gutmann customers to perform diagnostics using a PC, laptop, notebook or tablet with the operating system Windows 10 or higher. Now, Hella Gutmann is taking things further with mega macs ONE, an Android diagnostics app developed in response to the rise in mobile devices that use this flexible operating system from Google.

Considering they cost significantly less than equivalent Windows devices, Android tablets generally have a great deal to offer, managing a multitude of apps covering virtually every modern day requirement and with lightning-fast access. These advantages can also be adapted to everyday workshop activities. What's more, mega macs ONE transforms tablets with Android 6.0 or above and a seven-inch screen into a fully-fledged diagnostic tool.

The mega macs ONE app from Hella Gutmann is available to download from the Google Play Store. The initial start-up process to finalise the app also requires the basic mega macs ONE software and the ONE VCI vehicle communication interface to enable communication between the tablet and vehicle. Both these products are available from retailers. Following installation on the tablet, the mega macs ONE software can be used on an unlimited basis.

The basic diagnostic functions available are equivalent to those provided by mega macs 42 SE and mega macs PC, ranging from displaying the OBD interface in the vehicle to reading or deleting trouble codes, parameter depictions, resetting service intervals, actuator tests, coding and basic settings. Operation is fast and simple, as is switching between diagnostic functions. The communication facilities provided in tablets also come in handy for printing out diagnostics results for documentation purposes or for the customer’s information: PDFs generated by mega macs ONE can be sent easily to any e-mail address.

As is the case with conventional mega macs diagnostic tools, there is also the option of booking regular updates and services for mega macs ONE and contacting the Technical Help Line for assistance with diagnostic tasks.
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