Garages & Services / 20.07.2021
Garages & Services / 20.07.2021

Cyber Security Management for all mega macs-Users

  • Delay-free diagnostics of secured vehicles 
  • Activations for several vehicle brands currently without additional costs 
  • One single authentication at Hella Gutmann instead of in each OE portal 
  • Applicable instantly without waiting time after registration 
  • Almost 2,000 access unlocks of secured vehicles in a period of six weeks

Ihringen, 20 July 2021. The implementation of new technologies in vehicles requires technological responses from the independent repair market. This also applies to the security measures taken by car manufacturers to protect vehicle data. Security Gateway, CeBAS, SfD, Central Gateway and CAN Gateway are the names for systems designed to prevent unwanted access such as basic settings, coding and in some cases even error code deletion.

With the 'Cyber Security Management' (CSM) function in its diagnostic devices, Hella Gutmann has therefore developed a solution that is extremely practical for garages and is currently free of charge: instead of registering individually in each OE portal, verifying the identity and following the respective process steps for diagnostic activation, mega macs users only need to authenticate themselves once with Hella Gutmann. After that, everything runs automatically for them.

This is a total success in workshops. Shortly after the market launch of CSM in Spring 2021, more than 5,000 users were registered. In a six-week period, they benefited from around 2,000 activations. CSM works on all current Hella Gutmann diagnostic devices as well as with diagnostic solutions such as the mega macs PC and the popular mega macs ONE for Android tablets.

In fact, the term ‚management‘ is to be taken literally. Automatically and unnoticed by the user, the Cyber Security Management in mega macs manages all actions required for the respective vehicle model. Via the Hella Gutmann server, the CSM communicates directly with the OE backends, exchanges certificates and obtains the required opening of the vehicle gateway for diagnostics.

"For CSM, the main objective was to create a workshop-friendly solution for our customers. We have succeeded in this, because a technician who can work on several brands with a one-time registration and authentication without further hurdles saves a lot of time and effort,", explains Hervé Wicky, Head of vehicle communications at Hella Gutmann. "Thanks to our contractual partnerships with car manufacturers, the mega macs user is in the position to use the CSM without any waiting time after registration and start diagnosing immidiately.“

The one-time personal CSM registration is done with a modern online identification procedure. Hella Gutmann has posted the step-by-step proceeding in several video tutorials. CSM has been started for the secured models from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Mercedes-Benz. In the next step, the function will be expanded to all brands of the Volkswagen Group and KIA as well as Hyundai. Hervé Wicky: "As partner of the car manufacturers we are bound by contracts which do not come into effect at the same time in all countries. The authorizations for CSM currently apply to the whole of Europe and are to be expanded to other countries."
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