Garages & Services / 18.02.2022
Garages & Services / 18.02.2022

Software update for Hella Gutmann diagnostic devices

  • mega macs supports working on Tesla Model S and Model X
  • Extension of the Cyber Security Management to include the security system SFD of the Volkswagen Group

Lippstadt, 18 February 2022. With the first of annual software updates for mega macs diagnostic devices, Hella Gutmann has accomplished a decisive step for the vehicle diagnostics of tomorrow. The multi-brand diagnostic devices of the mega macs series now also support independent workshops when working on vehicles that previously could only be diagnosed to a limited extent or not at all, such as Tesla Model S and Model X as well as the latest, access-protected vehicles of the brands in the Volkswagen Group.

Let's talk Tesla

The Tesla brand and especially the Model S enjoy a special status. The Californian manufacturer is breaking new ground in many respects – including the service concept and the vehicle networking architecture. Until now, independent workshops were only able to communicate with the vehicles via the Tesla toolbox 2 /3 devices. This is now changing for Hella Gutmann customers. Beginning with the V65 software update released in February 2022, mega macs users will be able to diagnose the S and X models via the OBD interface. Other models are to follow.

After all, a Tesla is subject to potential sources of interference and must pass the technical inspections. By updating the mega macs software to the latest version, independent workshops now have the opportunity to diagnose these vehicles and to ensure their road safety. They are assisted by technical data, fault codes with explanatory text, parameter insight into safety-relevant systems, charging control, battery and thermal management and the option for important basic settings in order to carry out work on the brake system, the high-voltage charging connection and the air conditioning system. It is also possible to reset the learned values of the steering angle sensor and testing of the air conditioning system.

Latest Audi, Cupra, Seat, Skoda und VW diagnostics as usual

The Hella Gutmann developers have managed another important addition in the cross-brand Cyber Security Management (CSM) function, which was implemented in the mega macs software a good year ago. It is now available in every mega macs device and allows verified users to diagnose vehicles with cyber security systems without obstruction. Now CSM manages not only FCA's 'Security Gateway' and Mercedes-Benz's 'CeBAS' security systems, but also Volkswagen Group's 'SFD' (Security for Vehicle Diagnostics) system. SFD was first introduced in the VW Golf 8 launched in 2019. Since then, the number of secured vehicle models has been steadily growing. In parallel, the benefit for mega macs users is increasing. Vehicles such as Audi A3 and Q4 e-tron, Cupra Formentor and Born, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia and Enyaq as well as VW Golf 8, Caddy, ID.3,ID.4 and Transporter T7 can now be diagnosed without a detour via the manufacturer portal.

By the way, every mega macs recognizes when it is dealing with a secured vehicle and automatically initiates the necessary activation steps unnoticed by the user. Extensions of the CSM to other manufacturers are planned and some of them are about to be activated.
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