Garages & Services / 12.10.2021
Garages & Services / 12.10.2021

HELLA Collection offers fan articles and more for workshops and private customers

The joint brand shop of HELLA, Hella Gutmann and Hella Pagid is now online

Lippstadt, 12 October 2021. Online shopping is already part of everyday life for many people today. Even at the internationally positioned automotive supplier HELLA, workshops and private customers can order customer gifts, office materials, signs, counter displays or clothing online ( The three brands HELLA, Hella Gutmann and Hella Pagid offer the articles together as part of the HELLA Collection. Once registered, nothing stands in the way of the shopping experience. Payment is made centrally via PayPal or credit card. "Our aim was to create a joint brand world and thus offer workshops, private customers and employees alike high-quality brand products from HELLA," says Jörg Harjes, Head of Marketing Independent Aftermarket at HELLA.

The HELLA Collection range is therefore constantly being updated and expanded. Most recently, a new edition of materials has been added to the HELLA theme world under the motto 'Masters at Work'. The wide-ranging assortment with the workshop slogan extends from stickers and coffee mugs to a high-quality hoodie sweatshirt and a large tension band.
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