Garages & Services / 12.01.2023
Garages & Services / 12.01.2023

Hella Pagid: Range is continuously being expanded

  • Hella Pagid continues to expand its position as the leading full-range supplier in the independent automotive aftermarket
  • Expansion of the range leads to coverage of 6,611 vehicle applications in 2022
  • This covers almost 100 per cent of the European vehicle population

Essen, 12 January 2023. Hella Pagid, the Essen-based brake system specialist for the independent automotive aftermarket and joint venture of the automotive suppliers TMD Friction and HELLA, is a full-range supplier offering more than 14,000 brake spare parts for all vehicle models. Almost 100 percent of the European vehicle population is covered with brake pads and brake discs. "We are a leading full-range supplier in the independent automotive aftermarket for everything to do with brakes and have supported our global customers in the best possible way with articles of the highest quality and high availability,” says Thomas Gorkow, Director Product Management & Marketing at Hella Pagid. “The year 2022 has shown, that we were living up to that claim.”

The range of brake pads has now been expanded by a further 64 items for 2,398 additional vehicle applications, serving a stock of 27.9 million vehicles worldwide. Hella Pagid thus offers approx. 2,100 brake pads in OE quality, which are manufactured in the plants of the parent company "TMD Friction". "Our strength is to transfer the enormous OE competence of the brand PAGID to the independent automotive aftermarket. In doing so, we want to offer the right application for every vehicle," says Timo Krämer, Senior Marketing Manager at Hella Pagid.

The brake disc portfolio was also expanded by 17 items relevant to 374 vehicle applications, which in turn cover a global vehicle population of more than 5 million vehicles. As a result of this portfolio expansion, the total range of brake discs now amounts to more than 2,600 items.

In addition to this, the range of brake calipers, brake shoes, brake drums and warning contacts has been successfully expanded by a further 155 articles for 3,839 vehicle applications. As a result of the portfolio expansion, Hella Pagid now offers spare parts for 57.9 million additional vehicles.
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