Garages & Services / 10.09.2020
Garages & Services / 10.09.2020

Calibration, without ifs or buts

  • Hella Gutmann combines the CSC-Tool SE with a new Wheel Alignment Kit
  • Fast checking and setting
  • Measurement of toe, toe difference angle, camber, caster, spread, driving axle angle and toe-in curve

Ihringen, Germany, 10 September 2020. The core function of the CSC-Tool SE, the calibration of camera, radar or lidar-based driver assistance systems, has now been extended by Hella Gutmann to include the possibility of wheel alignment. A correct track of the vehicle is a prerequisite for these calibrations. With the module ‚Control' offered so far, the track can be checked but not corrected.


The new Wheel Alignment Kit allows workshops without their own wheel alignment measurement test bench to quickly correct inexact tracks on passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and full-size vans on the spot. Afterwards they can quickly complete the calibrations of advanced driver assistance systems in accordance with the regulations. The effort of consulting a specialist is eliminated. Since components of the CSC SE tool are used for wheel alignment and workshops can expand their service portfolio to include wheel alignment, the add-on kit offers an economical solution with a short payback period.


The kit is based on the proven method patented by the Koch company and enables the determination of toe, toe difference angle, camber, caster, spread, driving axle angle and toe-in curve. For these measurements on vehicles with tire sizes up to 22 inches (optionally up to 24 inches), neither a levelled workshop floor nor a lifting platform are required. The vehicle is simply positioned with the wheels of the axle to be measured on rotating turntables. The measurements themselves are made by lasers and several scales. The Wheel Alignment Kit also includes a steering wheel lock and an electronic inclinometer for the camber, caster and king pin inclination/steering axis inclination. This kit from Hella Gutmann also comes with web-based assistance software for axis settings. This offers access to a vehicle database with target values for toe and camber as well as the possibility of documenting the measurement results.


Both systems, the CSC-Tool SE as well as the Wheel Alignment Kit, have a modular structure and can therefore be adapted to individual requirements. Koch wheel alignment systems HD-10 Easy Touch already existing in the workshop can be adapted for combination with the CSC-Tool on request.

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