Garages & Services / 09.11.2021
Garages & Services / 09.11.2021

Headlight adjustment devices that can do it all

  • Analogue and digital headlight setting with the lighting and diagnostic know-how of HELLA and Hella Gutmann 
  • Digital adjustment device with integrated vehicle database and headlight-specific algorithms 
  • Hybrid visor for correct alignment in every situation

Ihringen, 8. November 2021. Modern vehicle headlights score points with their large headlight range, light waves similar to daylight, and optimum illumination with minimal glaring for other road users. Added to this is the growing comfort provided by advanced high-beam assistant systems. But with the diversity of lighting systems, the challenge of correct headlight settings is growing. Hella Gutmann's SEG series headlight adjustment devices provide reliable and user-friendly solutions for the individual needs of a workshop.

Already the analog SEG IV SE has a lot to offer. The robust device with large rubberized wheels and a heavy base made of polymer concrete accommodates highly accurate optics and enables the evaluation of all standard light distributions of modern headlight systems on a wide variety of brands. Practice-oriented functionalities and easy handling ensure the quality of the settings. A standard hybrid visor, consisting of a powerful line laser and an analog sighting device on an extra-long column, predestines the analog SEG IV SE for universal use on different vehicle classes. Even the exterior marking points of particularly wide vehicles, such as motor homes and large commercial vehicles, can be easily targeted via the wide laser beam angle of 120°. Regardless of the surrounding brightness and the condition of the battery, the device can also be precisely aligned to the vehicle by means of an analog sighting device.

The state-of-the-art SEG V digital headlight alignment unit is also aligned orthogonally to the vehicle via a standard-feature hybrid visor. In addition, the camera-based SEG V offers an integrated vehicle database, automatic compensation of ground unevenness and inclination, and the option of documenting the measurement results. The user-friendly device can be used on a wide range of vehicle classes, headlight types and light sources, including laser headlights. It has all the functions that are standard in this device category and, in addition, a special Hella Gutmann feature: the database integrated in the SEG V with vehicle- and headlight-specific algorithms and target data forms the basis for reliable selection, calibration and basic setting of high-beam assistants.

After selecting the vehicle and the headlight type, the SEG V automatically detects deviations from target data using the stored algorithms and guides the user through the adjustment process until the correct result is achieved. For this purpose, the images from the high-resolution CMOS camera are evaluated by the device in real time and displayed on the touchscreen with auxiliary or tolerance lines and correction instructions. Each headlight setting can be documented with exact values and images via ASA network connection to the workshop management system or via export via USB or WLAN interface.

Thanks to an electronic position sensor in the unit, ground unevenness of up to 2% in the x and y axes is automatically compensated. In addition, there is the option of manual presetting, which can also be used to compensate for different inclinations of the unit and the vehicle footprint. All functions of the digital headlight leveller can be selected via the 8.4" touchscreen. The operator always has the choice of switching between automatic and manual mode in the measuring menu. The latter makes it easier to check and adjust weak light distributions, for example with fog lights or older headlight types.

The SEG IV as well as the SEG V can optionally be operated even more efficiently on a leveling rail system with matching wheels. Another option for meeting the german requirements for the headlight levelling within a directive-compliant headlamp stabling area for HU is Hella Gutmann's leveling plate system, which is also optional.
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