Garages & Services / 08.08.2023
Garages & Services / 08.08.2023

Hella Gutmann diagnostic devices now with automated Diagnosics function

  • By clicking on the ”Automatic Diagnostics” button, mega macs diagnostic devices with SDI software automatically run through the entire process
  • Artificial intelligence makes decisions and performs statistical evaluations

Ihringen, 08 August 2023. Artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way into everyday life in the course of digitalization. ChatGPT generates texts. Car manufacturers use AI in development and production. Universities advertise bachelor's degrees in AI. Now automotive repair shops are also benefiting from the great digital revolution. By combining AI with the experience and data from 30 years of system diagnostics on vehicles, Hella Gutmann Solutions has succeeded in further automating diagnostics.

The innovative function 'Automatic Diagnosticsʼ (AD) is already available to workshops with the update to software version 70 at no further additional cost. If it is selected in the app launcher of a mega macs, an automatic process chain takes place that ends with the cause of the fault being narrowed down to a specific component. This makes the overall diagnostic process not only much faster, but also more accurate: in around 80 percent of all diagnoses, the AI is right first time. Machine Learning will further improve this rate.

In automatic mode, the mega macs determines the vehicle identification number (VIN), reads out all stored failure codes, decides which of them are to be prioritized and which of them are merely misleading as so-called 'subsequent failuresʼ.

The mega macs then searches its way through various test options, for example via parameters. It compares actual data with target data and consults around two billion data records of historically performed diagnostic cases. Based on AI and Big Data technology, it then makes a probability-based recommendation for pinpointing the faulty component. The automatic process takes less than five minutes on average. After that, it's the human's turn again to verify the stated cause and carry out the repair.

"In the future, professional diagnosis of a vehicle should be as easy as driving an automatic vehicle: Simply connect the diagnostic device to the vehicle, activate the Automatic Diagnostics and check in a few minutes or later to see what result the AD has come to – as it best fits into the workflow. Because this is not a niche function but probably the most common work on customer vehicles that has been automated, we are convinced that Automatic Diagnosis will revolutionize everyday workshop life," says Hella Gutmann CSO Jörg Schläfke.
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