Garages & Services / 07.03.2022
Garages & Services / 07.03.2022

High-voltage and low-voltage measurements with the mega macs X diagnostic device

  • Wireless networked devices from Hella Gutmann allow diagnostics and measurements up to 1,000 volts
  • A future-proof solution for work on vehicles with different drive types and electrical systems

Ihringen, 7 March 2022. The DoIP-capable (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) multi-brand diagnostic device mega macs X was developed by Hella Gutmann with the ultra-fast communication standards of future vehicles in mind. It can also be flexibly adapted to the needs of a workshop at any time – for example, for expansion to high-voltage vehicles. The new measurement module MT-HV enables the mandatory measurements in the high-voltage range. The wireless pairing of the mega macs X with the MT-HV makes a dream team for working on a wide variety of vehicle types. These include electric and hybrid vehicles, whose power systems are designed for up to 1,000 volts, as well as conventional vehicles with low-voltage power systems.

The MT-HV measurement module, which is tailor-made for the mega macs X, has permanently integrated high-voltage measurement technology and it provides a module slot into which the low-voltage measurement modules from Hella Gutmann can be inserted. This significantly enhances the functions of the MT-HV. Using the appropriate accessories, the overall module then fulfills the purpose of a 2-channel multimeter, a fast 2-channel oscilloscope and a professional high-voltage measuring device. In any case, operation and setting is done via the tablet of the mega macs X.

In the high-voltage range, the mega macs X and MT-HV device cover all measurement functions required in connection with electric and hybrid vehicles. These are high-voltage measurements up to 1,000 Volt, insulation resistance measurements with variably adjustable test voltage, potential equalization measurements on HV components and resistance measurements, for example on the HV service connector. The requirement for any high-voltage measurement is the configuration of the mega macs X at the highest software level X5 and the activation of the corresponding X5 user license.

Vehicle-specific information such as procedure, measuring points and the corresponding setpoints are provided by the mega macs X after vehicle selection in the menu item 'E-Mobility>Information'. All measurements and interactions are displayed in the mega macs X measurement menu. They can be documented with the name of the person performing and thus serve as proof of work in compliance with the guidelines.
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