Garages & Services / 03.02.2022
Garages & Services / 03.02.2022

New HELLA online catalogue for workshops and wholesalers

Informative, concise and sustainable: complete HELLA aftermarket parts program can be viewed online

Lippstadt, 3 February 2022. Digitalization is also advancing in the workshop and wholesale service. For this reason, the lighting and electronics expert HELLA already offers comprehensive digital support, for example in the form of technical knowledge portals such as HELLA TECH WORLD or online webinars. Now the company is expanding its service with a new, completely revised online catalogue. "With this, we are setting completely new standards in terms of user guidance, parts research and up-to-dateness," says Jörg Harjes, Head of Marketing Independent Aftermarket at HELLA. "From now on, there is no need for tedious leafing through print catalogues. And it also makes cumbersome research in various online catalogues for vehicle-specific products and universal parts a thing of the past."

The new online catalogue covers the complete HELLA aftermarket parts program and thus provides both workshops and wholesalers with a central research platform. The catalogue portfolio is updated daily and is therefore always up to date. The intuitive search with sophisticated filter functions leads to the right product with just a few clicks, saving users time and effort. Another highlight of the online general catalogue is the advanced comparison function. This allows the properties of several products to be compared in a structured manner and differences can be identified at a glance. The HELLA online catalogue is free of charge and available around the clock at

With the new catalogue, HELLA, as the friend of independent workshops and partner of wholesalers, offers an innovative, contemporary online tool that is tailored to the requirements of the user groups. And the environment benefits too: minimizing print production helps to save CO2.
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