Garages & Services / 02.08.2022
Garages & Services / 02.08.2022

Hella Gutmann goes further with cyber security management

  • Extension of Cyber Security Management to include Renault and Kia security systems
  • Latest, secured vehicle models to diagnose as easy as usual
  • Multi-brand solution integrated in mega macs grows to twelve brands

Lippstadt, 02. August 2022. The latest vehicle models on the market have electric or partially electric drives, extensive connectivity and a wide range of advanced driver assistance systems. This development is going along with expanding data volumes and new on-board network architectures, which manufacturers are increasingly securing against unwanted access by means of various cyber security systems. In order to support independent workshops in communicating as unhindered as possible with these and future vehicles, Hella Gutmann implemented the 'Cyber Security Management' (CSM) function in its mega macs range of diagnostic devices as early as 2020. CSM allows verified users to diagnose secured vehicles without a detour via OE portal. This function secures the future for workshops. It is designed by Hella Gutmann as a genuine multi-brand function and is being successively expanded.

With the latest add-on of Renault and Kia, the CSM function has been extended to an impressive twelve brands. As with young vehicles from Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Cupra, Seat, Skoda and VW, users of a mega macs will also save a considerable amount of time when working on currently twelve young vehicle models from Renault and Kia.

Instead of registering individually in each OE portal, undergoing checks, following the respective procedures for vehicle-specific diagnostic activation and paying fees, a single, free authentication at Hella Gutmann is sufficient for the mega macs user. After that, everything runs automatically for him – an internet connection provided.

Each mega macs recognizes when it is dealing with a secured vehicle and initiates all steps for unlocking the vehicle gateway in a fraction of a second, enabling the user to perform the usual diagnostic functions such as fault code reading/deleting, parameter viewing, basic settings, calibrations, codings, actuator tests and service resets. CSM is available in any mega macs X with configuration X2 or higher, as well as other mega macs devices with Update Plus licenses, at no additional cost.
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