Garages & Services / 01.03.2018
Garages & Services / 01.03.2018

Quick and safe air-conditioning check

Behr Hella Service supports workshops with comprehensive package

Schwäbisch Hall, March 1, 2018. The thermal management expert Behr Hella Service is supporting workshops as "The Workshop’s Friend" with regard to all air-conditioning servicing needs - starting with the right spare and service parts via technical support to targeted customer contact.

Behr Hella Service provides independent workshops with all AC products from a single source - from filter dryers and evaporators via condensers and expansion valves to pressure switches and compressors. Many products are available as premium and standard versions. In January 2017, Behr Hella Service introduced its Premium Line product label for identifying more than 4,500 products manufactured by companies such as BEHR, AKG, Visteon and others with OE competence.

For enabling a prompt and flawless air-conditioning (AC) check allowing cars to quickly return to the road, Behr Hella Service also offers support in air-conditioning servicing in the form of manuals, checklists, videos and technical brochures available at HELLA Tech World. You can also find here the 3D animations from the previously available know-how tool. This allows viewing functions and connections among construction groups. Behr Hella Service is continuously expanding its animated 3D tool for illustrating complex processes. Car mechanics have at their disposition information surrounding coolants and oil filling quantities not only in the form of handbooks, but also digitally at the HELLA Tech World as well as via the compressor app directly on the tablet or smartphone.

An operative AC not only provides pleasant temperatures during summer but also fresh air to the driver – hence the necessity of regular servicing. For making workshop customers aware of an air-conditioning inspection, Behr Hella Service supports independent workshops with a comprehensive package of waiting area informational flyers, outdoor banners, service brochures, posters and other advertising means. In order to once again underline the importance of servicing ACs in trucks and transporters, the company has developed the appropriate materials. More information available at
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