Company / Technology & Products / 11.09.2019
Company / Technology & Products / 11.09.2019

HELLA launches next generation of lighting technology on the market

SSL | HD: new highly integrated HD-LED lighting system

Lippstadt/Frankfurt, 11 September 2019. The lighting and electronics expert HELLA has consistently developed its Matrix LED systems further and is now launching the next generation of lighting technology on the market. With the so-called "Solid State Lighting | High Definition" (SSL | HD) technology, the company has further miniaturized the light source so that 15,000 LED pixels can now be individually and intelligently controlled. A first series order for the integration of the technology into a headlamp has already been successfully acquired. This should be available on the road in the next three years.

Individualization is a growing trend in the entire automotive industry. Against this background, HELLA is working on new lighting solutions that can be integrated into the vehicle architecture in a much smaller space while maintaining high performance and functionality, thus offering original equipment manufacturers additional degrees of freedom in individual vehicle design. This is achieved, for example, through miniaturization concepts. With the SSL | HD technology, HELLA has now integrated very small, individually switchable LED pixels on intelligent driver chips. By controlling the individual pixels, the light distribution on the road can be generated directly at the light source surface and projected onto the road via a multi-stage optical system. The higher number of pixels and the enlarged light-emitting surface allow new applications with higher light quality and performance.

The technology thus provides the basis for freely programmable lighting functions. Additional safety functions such as optical lane markers or further individualization possibilities such as coming and leaving-home animations or communication functionalities can be implemented by high-precision digital pixel switching. In addition, the SSL | HD technology enables the development of new business models. HELLA offers original equipment manufacturers the opportunity to develop new business models on a pay-per-use basis. In this context, certain lighting functionalities are generally delivered in the vehicle, but are only activated and paid for on request in line with individual user requirements.

HELLA continuously works on high-resolution software-based headlamp technologies and further develops lighting technologies in pre-development projects. The aim is to even increase the number of pixels in order to improve existing applications and to implement new safety and comfort functions, for example with regard to autonomous driving.

Experience HELLA at the IAA in the "New Mobility World" until 15 September 2019 (Hall 5, Stand B06).
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