Company / Technology & Products / 03.09.2021
Company / Technology & Products / 03.09.2021

HELLA presents innovative solutions for the mobility of the future at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich

  • HELLA contributes to emission-free mobility with innovative energy and thermal management solutions 
  • Increasing the reliability of automated driving functions with next generation 77 GHz radar sensors 
  • Wide range of design and comfort options thanks to chip-based headlamp technology and new FlatLight combination rear lamp concept 
  • Hands-free vehicle access thanks to HELLA Smart Car Access with ultra-wideband technology

Lippstadt, September 3, 2021. The internationally positioned automotive supplier HELLA will be presenting a wide range of innovative lighting and electronics solutions for the mobility of the future at the IAA Mobility 2021 (7 to 12 September 2021) in Munich. HELLA's trade fair presentation will focus in particular on product solutions for the major future topics of electromobility, automated driving, digital light and software. In addition to a 400 square metre trade fair booth (Hall A1, Booth B40), HELLA is expanding its trade fair presence this year to include a digital customer and product presentation platform.

"The IAA Mobility is one of the world's most important leading trade fairs for the mobility industry and is therefore also a key driver for HELLA," says HELLA CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach. "That's why we specifically use this platform to present our innovative lighting and electronics solutions and to engage in conversation with our business partners - either physically at our booth or virtually via new digital communication formats."

One of HELLA's main goals is to reduce the energy consumption of vehicles and thus contribute to emission-free mobility. HELLA will be presenting various solutions for effective and efficient energy and thermal management in Munich. These include, in particular, high-voltage battery management systems. HELLA's systems ensure the safe and reliable functioning of batteries in electric as well as full and plug-in hybrid vehicles by measuring the battery's voltage, temperature and current, among other things. Their modular, scalable design also enables integration into the drive electronics independently of the cell technology used. This ensures a high degree of variability for use in different batteries and vehicle models.

HELLA also supplies indispensable key components for autonomous driving. The next generation of 77 GHz radar sensor technology for assisted or automated driving is characterized in particular by the use of the latest antenna and chip technology. This allows the detection ranges of the radar sensors to be further increased, the field of view to be extended and the measuring capability at close range to be improved. In this way, vehicles, people or other objects can be detected even more precisely. Functionalities for assisted or automated driving can be implemented even more reliably on this basis.

As a lighting specialist, HELLA will also be presenting new digital lighting technologies at the trade fair that open up a wide range of design and comfort options and take customer experience to a new level. For example, the chip-based headlamp technology "Solid State Lighting | High Definition" (SSL|HD) ensures greater safety and comfort in road traffic. Together with partners, HELLA has further miniaturized the light source. At the heart of the technology are SSL micro-LED clusters, i.e. electronic components on which between 100 and 25,000 LED pixels are currently arranged in a very small space. The higher resolution not only provides better road illumination, but also enables new high-resolution lighting functionalities such as the projection of safety distances or lane markings onto the road.

Another central lighting innovation that HELLA is presenting at the IAA Mobility is the new combination rear lamp concept FlatLight. With it, HELLA is significantly changing the design of future light signatures. This is made possible by a light guide concept based on particularly small micro-optics. These are optical lenses no larger than a grain of salt. Since the indicator, brake and tail light can be implemented in this way in just one optical element, FlatLight technology opens up completely new possibilities for unmistakably setting the scene at the rear of the vehicle with characteristic light designs. Another plus point is that FlatLight technology is considerably more efficient and requires around 80 percent less energy than conventional systems.

The Smart Car Access System from HELLA also ensures greater safety and convenience. End users can use this access system to open, close and start the engine of their vehicle completely hands-free without a classic radio key. Based on the integrated ultra-wideband technology, the system is characterized by a particularly high level of security, as so-called relay attacks are prevented. It therefore fully complies with the safety requirements of vehicle insurers. At the same time, HELLA Smart Car Access can also be used to easily and securely manage access authorisations for car sharing services, for example, as well as to activate potentially further personalisable additional functions.
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