Company / Garages & Services / 27.02.2018
Company / Garages & Services / 27.02.2018

HELLA pushes digitalization of workshop business

With its investment in startup CarForce, HELLA is reinforcing its business activities in the area of digital diagnostic services

Lippstadt/San Francisco, February 27, 2018. HELLA is driving its business activities in the area of digital diagnostic services. The automotive supplier and established partner on the European aftermarket has therefore invested in the Californian startup company CarForce, which has introduced a software solution for transmitting vehicle condition data to workshops.

The cloud-based solution developed by CarForce enables workshops to provide improved, individualized customer care. Vehicle condition data, such as tire pressure or battery condition, can for example be transmitted to independent workshops via the cloud without requiring a prior workshop visit. These workshops now have the opportunity to prepare, at an early stage, customized servicing and repair packages as soon as the transmitted condition data displayed enters a potentially critical zone. For end-consumers, this can lead to significantly reduced vehicle downtime and waiting periods during the repair process.

"For us, the investment in CarForce is an important step to push the digitalization of our workshop and diagnostics business as well as for accessing new business models", says Dr. Werner Benade, Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications at HELLA. "As the Workshop's Friend, we support them along the entire repair process. With digitalized diagnostics services, we aim at providing both end-consumers and workshops with superior added value over time: better customer service, shortened workshop periods, greater productivity."

Through its subsidiary Hella Gutmann Solutions, HELLA is already active in the area of sophisticated workshop and diagnostics solutions. Following the initial financing round, HELLA's percentage share in CarForce is currently in the single digits. Over time, especially Hella Gutmann Solutions is anticipated to drive forward the cooperation with CarForce.
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