Company / 23.11.2021
Company / 23.11.2021

HELLA Innenleuchten-Systeme celebrates 70th anniversary

New image film provides insight into the company which is rich in tradition

Lippstadt, 23 November 2021. With 660 employees, HELLA Innenleuchten-Systeme (HIS) is now one of the largest employers in the Lörrach region. The Wembach and Atzenbach sites primarily manufacture and develop interior lights, roof consoles, radomes and highly complex electronic solutions. Every year, around 95 million products alone leave the assembly lines and are delivered to automobile manufacturers all over the world. In October, HIS celebrated its 70th anniversary. "Within the last 70 years, we have evolved from a rather traditional company to a global player that is a leader in interior lighting," says HIS Managing Director Ansgar Lengeling. "We benefit not least from the fact that we serve central megatrends of the automotive industry. Ambient lighting solutions in particular are becoming increasingly important in the context of vehicle individualization. In the past, ambient lighting was rather rare and only found in premium class vehicles. Today, it is already standard even in smaller vehicles. And the more we move towards autonomous driving, the more important ambient lighting will become, as the vehicle interior is increasingly being transformed into a living space."

The history of HELLA Innenleuchten-Systeme began with 35 employees and 2,000 square metres of production space in Todtnau in the Black Forest. When the German economy picked up again after the Second World War, HELLA founded Metallwerke Todtnau, the first German HELLA subsidiary, in 1951. The product range at that time included small lamps, plastic badges and numerous metallized products, such as shower fittings. In 1976 the plant was moved to its present location in Wembach. In 1992, a production site was added in Atzenbach, a few kilometres away.

"From what was once a rather regionally oriented location, we have now become an integral part of the global HELLA network," says Managing Director Ansgar Lengeling. "It is amazing to see how much the development and production of components has become internationalized over the last 20 years. Our products now pass through stations all over the world. At HIS, we have used the last few years to position ourselves for sustained competitiveness. So despite all the challenges, we can look to the future with confidence."

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a larger celebration to mark the 70th anniversary of HIS was not possible. Instead, a short image film was released, which can be watched on YouTube. In addition, all employees received a small gift as a thank you.
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