Company / 15.12.2022
Company / 15.12.20222

HELLA plans to pay a special dividend following the sale of HBPO share

  • Special dividend to be € 2.61 per share
  • Established dividend policy to be continued regarding the regular dividend

Lippstadt, 15 December 2022. Against the background of the decision to exit the HBPO joint venture, the Manage-ment of HELLA GmbH Co. KGaA has decided to suggest to the Annual General Meeting to be held on 28 April 2023 the payment of a special dividend in the amount of € 2.61 per share. HELLA had held a 33.33 percent stake in HBPO; the sale of this stake was successfully completed to the previous co-shareholder Plastic Omnium. The special dividend corresponds approximately to the agreed purchase price of € 290 million (in-cluding dividend) that HELLA achieved through the sale of the HBPO stake.

“With the planned payment of a special dividend, we want our shareholders to partici-pate in the revenues from the successful sale of the share. This is possible not least because of our extremely solid financial position. Therefore, we will be able to achieve our strategic aims even after this planned special dividend”, says HELLA CEO Michel Favre. “Irrespective of this, we will maintain our established dividend policy in the usual manner for the short fiscal year 2022 as well.”

It is planned to continue to distribute around 30 percent of the balance sheet profit for the regular dividend. The exact amount of the regular dividend proposal will be decided in combination with the preparation and review of the annual and consolidated financial statements for the short fiscal year 2022.
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