Company / 08.08.2022
Company / 08.08.2022

Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf: HELLA shows prototype of an illuminated radiator grille emblem for the first time

  • Visual and futuristic enhancement of the vehicle front with illuminated, customized radiator grille logos
  • Innovative lighting solutions such as combination lights and headlamps take center stage this year

Lippstadt, 08 August 2022. The caravanning industry has been experiencing an unbroken boom for several years. The Corona pandemic, if nothing else, has further increased the popularity of motorhomes, caravans and campervans and the individual travel options they offer. With the Caravan Salon, the most important leading trade fair for the industry will take place from 26. August to September 4, 2022, in Düsseldorf. The lighting and electronics specialist HELLA, a company operating under the FORVIA umbrella brand, will present technical innovation and novelties from a wide range of products at the fair. This also includes a unique highlight: the prototype of an illuminated radiator grille emblem.

Individualized, illuminated emblems for the radiator grille in a striking design

Customization is currently at the top of manufacturers' and customers' wish lists in many areas. If there is one feature by which a vehicle can be instantly recognized, it is often the design of the front end. HELLA now offers vehicle manufacturers individualized, illuminated logos for integration into the radiator grille thus creating a a distinctive brand presence. The use of a wide variety of optical systems for direct and indirect lighting opens up new design possibilities for an extraordinary design. To give the radiator grille an attractive, exclusive day and night appearance, HELLA uses different manufacturing processes and technologies, such as laser structuring or film back injection, to produce highly decorative, customized components, depending on the desired look. At night or when switched on, the light outlets are illuminated and defined structures become visible. Coming-home and leaving-home scenarios are also conceivable for an even more individual lighting signature. Within the framework of the respective legislation, many things are possible in terms of design. Customer requirements, for example for different model variants, can be quickly individualized by simply adapting the design or styling of the surface. "In cooperation with the Erwin Hymer Group, we have built a prototype for the company Carado GmbH as part of a pre-development project, which can also be designed for other brands of the Erwin Hymer Group with little modification," says Franco Ricchiuto, sales manager responsible for the caravan sector at HELLA. "There has never been a product like this before. We are therefore delighted that visitors to the Caravan Salon will have the opportunity to experience a truly unique innovation. After the trade fair, we will decide whether the product will be implemented. And that's just the beginning: with this emblem, there will be many more design customization options for our customers in the future in line with the legislation for lighting products in road traffic. The legislation on this will definitely come into force at the beginning of 2023, illuminated logos will be allowed in ECE-countries from then on."

Innovative lighting solutions: combination lights and headlamps from HELLA

Another exhibition highlight from HELLA in Düsseldorf is the universal combination light LEDayFlex III, which already celebrated its premiere last year at the Caravan Salon. The LED light features daytime running light, position light and indicator light and is equipped with innovative EdgeLight technology. Thanks to their clear shape, the modules can be harmoniously integrated horizontally, vertically or diagonally into any headlamp. The flexible alignment options give each headlamp a strong individual character and the respective vehicle an unmistakable appearance. Adria is the first manufacturer to install HELLA's LEDayFlex III in series in its vehicles. Visitors can experience the combination light live on site at the Caravan Salon on two Adria vehicles at the Adria booth 14.

HELLA is also presenting the third-generation L 4565 Performance and Essential bi-LED low-beam and high-beam headlamps from its extensive lighting range. They are part of the HELLA 90 mm module series and combine low beam and high beam in one module. Especially innovative is the "Zero Tolerance Integration" of the Performance Version. Here, the front part of the headlamp module is firmly embedded in the vehicle apron and then no longer moved. Both the basic setting and the headlamp levelling are carried out exclusively via the rear part of the module, which is not visible from the outside. This allows the required gap dimensions to be significantly reduced and the modules to be integrated more harmoniously into the vehicle body.

Visit HELLA from August 26 to September 4 at the Caravan Salon 2022 in Düsseldorf and experience unique, innovative technologies in Hall 14, Booth A50.
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