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Consumer Electronics Show: Four FORVIA technologies win CES 2024 Innovation Awards

Nanterre / Lippstadt, 16 November 2023. FORVIA, the world’s 7th-largest automotive technology supplier, combining the complementary strengths of Faurecia and HELLA, has received 4 accolades at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards in the category “Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility”.

Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, the “CES Innovation Awards” is an annual competition that recognizes outstanding design and technology in 28 product categories. Winners are selected by a highly decorated panel of judges.

When innovation meets efficiency: FlatLight | µMX

HELLA’s FlatLight | µMX technology is based on an innovative LED light guide concept with so-called micro-optics. These optics are smaller than a grain of salt, making FlatLight | µMX particularly flat, efficient, and scalable: the required installation space is reduced by up to 90%, to just 5 mm. Multi-color combinations of turn, stop and tail light can be implemented in just one optical element. FlatLight | µMX requires up to 80% less energy compared to conventional LED taillights while maintaining the same performance and homogeneity. It is also particularly scalable: in 2024 it will go into series production as a rear combination lamp, and in 2025 in the front area of a car where it implements daytime running light, direction indicator and position light in only one light element as well.

Integrating safety and displays: Skyline Immersive Display

FORVIA’s Skyline Immersive Display is an innovative pillar-to-pillar display positioned at the intersection of the windshield and the instrument panel, creates a safer driving experience by reducing the re-direction of the driver’s attention from the road to displays that are conventionally below the driver’s field of view. The high-resolution displays and HMI appear only when required, reducing cognitive load, and improving driver safety. Graphical content across all displays is driven by the same electronics, enabling a seamless interface on any surface and allowing greater design opportunities beyond the capabilities of todays’ displays. HMI will no longer be formed of planar black surfaces but free formed, even 3D and integrated into interior surfaces, offering new aesthetics and communication possibilities like text, emojis, and symbols.

Next generation software for safer mobility: eMirror Safe UX

The eMirror Safe UX software platform builds on FORVIA’s eMirror technology to help drivers better see and understand their driving environment by replacing conventional side and rearview mirrors with a camera-based system designed to provide drivers with better visibility, safety alerts as well as fuel/energy efficiency. The software expands the driver’s field of view and reduces blind spots through features like Transparent View, Reactive Dimming, and Advanced Image Processing. It also saves power and diminishes distraction by tracking driver’s gaze direction to dim displays not being viewed and improves visibility in challenging lighting and weather conditions. The software is hardware-agnostic, doesn’t require extra sensors and can be installed/updated through over-the-air updates, providing compatibility with existing vehicles.

Seeing through safety: Light Tile for Transparent Door

FORVIA’s Light Tile for transparent door provides a see-through view on door panels and creates an extended window effect. It offers a new kind of advanced driving assistant information (ADAS): if any risk is detected before opening the door, the information will appear through the transparent door to help occupants react in darkness or critical conditions where the human eye may not see properly and respond fast enough. The Light Tile is perfectly integrated in the door panel upper area and provides a high-quality display of the vehicle environment, bringing the outside atmosphere into the vehicle. The flexible tile technology is thin (typically 3mm) and provides edge-to-edge homogeneity while allowing a scalable system of shape, size, resolution, and light output as well it can also be used for other purposes such as dynamic ambient surface lighting. The transparent door uses existing eMirror cameras and image distortion algorithm.

“FORVIA is both a tech company and a well-oiled industrial machine. The CES is an opportunity to showcase the work of our 160,000 people. These 4 CES Innovation Awards are recognizing their commitment and quality,” said Patrick Koller, CEO of FORVIA. “The 4 awards also testify to the inventiveness of our teams, who are constantly looking for ways to anticipate our customers' needs. Each of them meets our criteria for offering safer, cleaner, sustainable and affordable mobility.”

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada from 9 to 12 January 2023. At CES, FORVIA will showcase a large panel of products, spreading over its three strategic pillars: Electrification & Energy Management, Safe & Automated Driving and Digital & Sustainable Cockpit Experiences.

Lean more about the technologies presented at CES on Dec. 12th, 2023, by attending our FORVIA Talks: CES Special.

When innovation meets efficiency: FlatLight | µMX.

When innovation meets efficiency: FlatLight | µMX. (Picture: HELLA)

Integrating safety and displays: Skyline Immersive Display.

Integrating safety and displays: Skyline Immersive Display. (Picture: FORVIA)

Next generation software for safer mobility: eMirror Safe UX.

Next generation software for safer mobility: eMirror Safe UX. (Picture: FORVIA)

Seeing through safety: Light Tile for Transparent Door.

Seeing through safety: Light Tile for Transparent Door. (Picture: FORVIA)