Compliance at HELLA

HELLA commits to laws and internal rules. However, compliance at HELLA is more than that. It also means acting with integrity and as a role model. Compliance is an essential part of HELLA’s corporate culture and is the foundation to sustain successful business activities.

It is HELLA’s ambition that all employees adhere to the applicable laws and internal rules and that they act with integrity. To ensure compliant behavior at HELLA worldwide, we have established a group-wide compliance organization and compliance system.

The objective is to effectively incorporate compliance into our business and processes to prevent misconduct.

The Compliance Office coordinates the compliance organization and system, including direct responsibilities for anti-trust and anti-corruption. Additional compliance specialist departments independently manage other compliance topics such as information security, environment, health and safety or product safety. The responsibilities are clearly structured and defined.

The HELLA Code of Conduct contains the basic rules of behavior. It guides us in our daily work with colleagues, customers, suppliers, other business partners and third parties. It is binding for all employees worldwide.

HELLA’s Supplier Code of Conduct is an extension of this effort. It seeks to ensure that our suppliers uphold the same key standards.

HELLA´s Human Rights Policy serves to prevent human rights and environmental violations in our activities, we have developed a human rights and environment due diligence approach with which risk analyses are conducted, measures are implemented and processes are adapted to the principles in this policy.

The HELLA Anti-Corruption Policy familiarizes HELLA employees with the basic principles of the prevention of corruption. It provides concrete examples of risky situations.

HELLA has set up the portal tellUS! for reporting possible violations against the HELLA Code of Conduct, laws and internal rules, which affect HELLA. HELLA encourages employees and external third parties to also report human rights and environmental violations – at HELLA and within the global supply chain. With tellUS! HELLA provides for an reporting portal and procedure according to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

With tellUS! employees and external third parties all over the world have the possibility of reporting relevant information securely and confidentially at anytime and anonymously if they wish. We ask whistleblowers to always use the reporting portal responsibly. HELLA protects reporting persons against disadvantages due to their reports if they acted in good faith.

Submitted reports are immediately handled by the Compliance Office and further specialist departments as needed.

Further information is available in the document „tellUS! – at a glance“ (interactive version).