Module 70 LED Generation 3

Compact innovation: The elegant, round HELLA Module 70 LED Generation 3 work lamp is a representative of the Module 70 series. Compared to its predecessor, the third-generation work lamp has increased its light output by 30%, with equally low current consumption.


The highly efficient and long-lasting LED technology with four high-performance LEDs generates 800 lumens of light output with only 13 watts of power consumption. The Module 70 LED Generation 3 work lamp is therefore particularly suitable for battery-operated vehicles or those with a burdened alternator. The light is distributed evenly in the working area via the special reflector. In addition to flush and surface mounting variants for close-range illumination, a surface mounting variant for extra-wide extra-wide illumination and a reverse lamp are also available. Depending on the design, the surface mounting variants can be mounted upright or pendant.


Its robust black aluminium housing and high degrees of protection make the ECE-approved work lamp resistant to shocks and vibrations as well as dustproof, waterproof, and highly resistant to cleaning. Cooling fins ensure optimal heat dissipation and prevent overheating.

Product Advantages

  • LED technology in compact design
  • 30% more light than Generation 2 with the same current consumption
  • Modular line
  • Also available as a reverse lamp

Technical Data

  Work lamp Reverse lamp
Operating voltage Multi-voltage (9-32 V)
Rated voltage 12 V/ 24 V
Power consumption 13 W
Light output 800 lm
Light source LED
Colour temperature

6,500 K

5,000 K


Housing: die-cast aluminium

Housing: gray powder-coated aluminium


525 g

533 g

Temperature range -40 °C to +50 °C
Protection class IP 6K9K, IP 6K7
Type approval



EMC protection ECE-R10

Upright, pendant, or flush mounting

Upright and pendant


2,000 mm cable or 190 mm cable with DEUTSCH DT connector

2,000 mm cable

Program Overview

Category Illumination Mounting Connection Part number
Work lamp Close-range illumination Upright 2,000 mm cable 1G0 996 276-451
Pendant 2,000 mm cable 1G0 996 276-461
Flush mounting 2,000 mm cable 1G0 996 276-431
Extra-wide illumination Upright

190 mm cable with

DEUTSCH DT connector

1G0 996 276-481
Reverse lamp Extra-wide illumination Upright and pendant 2,000 mm cable 2ZR 996 376-091