Roof bar RTK7

Maximum safety: Roof bars from HELLA are designed to meet a wide range of requirements for emergency vehicles used by police, fire departments, and rescue services. When professionals have to rely on technology, the first choice is systems by HELLA. The RTK7 special signaling system, for example, is characterized by its aerodynamic design, groundbreaking flexibility, and innovative technology. Its comprehensive modularity and individual configuration options – from the basic to the high-end version – covers all requirements. Thus, the plant is prepared for a wide range of international applications, including Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The various LED modules and numerous options for additional equipment offer a wide choice and guarantee the right solution for every application.

Product Advantages

  • Roof bars with flexible configuration options
  • Housing widths between 900 and 2,000 millimeters in 100 mm stages for all conventional vehicles sizes
  • Control via a programmable control unit or a vehicle-specific control element

Technical Data

  RTK7 (12 V) RTK7 (24 V)
Light source LED
Rated voltage 12 V 24 V
Supply voltage range 9 V ≤ UBAT ≤ 16 V 20 V ≤ UBAT ≤ 30 V
Operating temperature -40 °C to +60 °C
Quiescent current consumption ≤ 0.5 mA
Undervoltage protection ≤ 9 V - 0.5 V ≤ 16 V - 0.5 V
Overvoltage protection ≥ 16 V + 0.5 V ≥ 32 V + 0.5 V
Load capacity control excerpts ≤ 0.3 A
Load capacity display outputs ≤ 0.3 A
Load capacity light outputs ≤ 0.5 A to 7 A
EMC protection VDE 0879 Part 3 interference suppression rating 3, CISPR 25 Class 3
Operation Digital with handset Type HA 112 or HA 115 Analog with AZD, eAZD, or separate switches
Data bus protocol CAN open in accordance with CIA 447 FireCAN
Scope of delivery Installation instructions on CD as well as slot nuts for flexible, permanent mounting

Program Overview

Variant Voltage Description Part number
KL-LM 2 LED MODULE 12 V, 24 V     With 2-level function for day/night mode, high-performance LEDs with additional bundled optics arranged in a semicircle for optimized visibility, even from the side On request
KL-LM 3 12 V Like KL-LM-2, with additional optics for amber warning light, with LED two-color module: The module facilitates a changeover of the continuous blue light to amber warning light when the vehicle is stationary at the scene of the incident On request
KL-LM 4 12 V, 24 V Like KL-LM-2, with extended functionality for rotating signal radiation analog to classic rotating mirror signal On request
KL-LM 5 12 V Like KL-LM-2, with flashing infrared signal On request
KL-LM 6 12 V Like KL-LM 4 , with rotating infrared signal On request
KL-LM 7 12 V, 24 V With 2-level function for day/night mode (flashes in daylight, rotates at night), with infrared flight visibility marking On request
KL-LM 8 12 V In blue/red (right/left), including cruise light, use only to such an extent as is legally permitted On request

Additional Equipment

Equipment Suitable for Description
Alley lights 12 V and 24 V 4 LEDs for intensive close-range illumination, alternatively also available to the front and rear
Hazard blinking lights modules/direction indicators 12 V Enable switching from blue light to amber hazard warning signal at the scene, automatic synchronization of the direction indicator light to the hazard warning signal frequency of the vehicle, ECE type tested
LED work lamps 12 V and 24 V For intensive close-range illumination, front and rear mounting possible, light output (measured) 800 lm
Long-range flash module BSF-LED 12 V and 24 V Bundled, particularly long-range warning signal, effective warning during high-speed emergency driving
Auxiliary flashers 12 V Additional long-range warning signal, as an additional option in the domes to the front and to the rear or in the central section of the unit to the rear
LED stop signal generator 12 V Matrix with fixed fonts, additional fonts freely programmable, alternatively word-specific e.g. Stop Police (280 mm), Emergency Doctor (280 mm), Stop Police/Please Follow (380 mm), 3 module sizes: 280 mm, 380 mm, and 560 mm for different devices, automatic day/night mode, switching via photometric sensor, optional red stop light from BSF-LED remote flash module, optionally with marquee (requires SW version 50/19, 51/19, or higher)
LED stop signaling device ASG-E (external) 12 V Offset ASG module for interior application or mounting on vertical body surfaces
LED stop signal generator ASG-S for sun visor 12 V Matrix with fixed programmed fonts, fonts also possible according to customer requirements, module size 320 mm x 100 mm, with self-adhesive black foam cover, other colors on request, with red stop light (homologated according to STVZO-TA13b), automatic day/night mode, switching via photometric sensor, analog control, also for concealed use, acoustic feedback when switched on
LED signal bar LSB 12 V and 24 V Integrated, amber chaser light signal for rear warning and protection, traffic control through different signal directions, use only to such an extent as is legally permitted
Internal acoustic module LSP-I 12 V and 24 V Integrated front loudspeakers, optionally to the rear
External acoustic module LSP-E 12 V and 24 V External loudspeaker for offset mounting, dimensions: approx. 118 x 105 mm, 2 pieces required
Jig for plug-in beacon KL-A 12 V Tripod for additional high-mounted beacon, for long-range protection, with integrated connector, two lengths: 170 mm 1,000 mm, switchable via software coding
Backlighting module 12 V and 24 V LED technology, for housing width 900 mm to 1,600 mm, front and/or rear