Particulate matter sensors PM 2.5

Truly clean: The HELLA PM 2.5 particulate matter sensor detects and counts particles using optical functions. The detection chamber contains a laser beam that is scattered by the passing particles. This scattered light is detected by a diode and converted into an electrical signal, which is then evaluated. In this way, the particle concentration is calculated and transmitted via the LIN interface.


Depending on the particle concentration, various vehicle functions such as the air conditioning system can react with features like switching to recirculation mode. When using two particulate matter sensors, both indoor and outdoor air qualities can be measured. Thanks to the sensors, the air flow in the vehicle interior can be specifically influenced – for better air quality and less particulate matter.


The HELLA PM 2.5 particulate matter sensor is integrated into the ventilation control system and can often be placed directly at the air intake due to its compact design. A cover cap prevents contamination from dirt and/or water.

Product Advantages

  • Accurately monitors and controls the concentration of particulate matter
  • Based on the optical principle of scattered light for particle detection
  • Rapid response time of < 5 seconds allows real-time reactions to environmental conditions

Technical Data

Voltage 12 V

Operating temperature

-40 °C to +85 °C

Relative humidity

5 to 95%
LIN interface LIN


18.5 V (1 h); 26 V (1 min)

Protection class


Noise development

≤ 40 dB(A) at 0.5 m distance

Measuring range (inside/outside)

5 to 1,000 μg/m³

Particle size1)

0.3 μm to 5 μm

Response time ≤ 5 s
Resolution 1 μg/m³

5 μg/m³: at 5 to 50 μg/m³ +10%

at > 50 to 1,000 μg/m³ 10 μg/m³

at 10 to 50 μg/m³ 20%

at > 50 to 1,000 μg/m³

Weight < 150 g



1) The air must be pre-filtered for particles > 50 μm and water droplets.

Program Overview

VariantDescriptionPart numberPackaging unit
Particulate matter sensor PM 2.5for particles 0.3 μm to 5 μmOn request1