DC/DC voltage stabilisers

Guaranteed voltage: HELLA DC/DC converters are connected between the power supply of the main vehicle electrical system and the partial vehicle electrical system to be stabilised. They ensure that the output voltage to the electrical subsystem is maintained in the event of short-term voltage dips, and are therefore also referred to as voltage stabilizers.

Voltage dips can occur, for example, during engine startup, especially in start/stop systems. Voltage conservation mainly concerns the function of non-safety-critical systems such as infotainment systems or terminal applications in commercial vehicles.

The converters are activated by the ignition. As soon as a voltage dip is signaled via the engine’s start signal, the main network and the electrical subsystem are decoupled, and thus the DC/DC converters are used to stabilise the system. If stabilisation is not (or no longer) necessary, the subsystem of the vehicle electrical system is coupled with the main system via a low-impedance line.

Product Advantages

  • For 12 V systems
  • Output power 200/400 W
  • System stabilisers with temporary voltage drop

Technical Data

Temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C
(-40 °C to -20 °C bypass mode)
Operating voltage range Single-voltage (6-18V)
Rated voltage 12 V
Stabilisation range 6 V - 12 V
Output voltage (boost mode) 12 V +/- 0.5 V
Ripple < 200 mV
Performance 200 W or 400 W
Storage temperature -40 °C to +105 °C
Cooling Convection
Weight approx. 370 g
Output current 17 A (200 W variant);
34 A (400 W variant)
Performance < 4 W
Efficiency Boost mode 85%
@ U > 8 V Bypass mode > 99%
Protection class IP 5K0

Program Overview

Operating voltage Variant Part number Packaging unit
DC/DC voltage stabiliser 200 W Available upon request 1
DC/DC voltage stabiliser 400 W 8ES 312 331-101 1