K-LED Blizzard

Robust beacon: The HELLA K-LED Blizzard beacon is the successor to the popular HELLA K-LED-FO and convinces both externally and with internal features: stronger, more robust, more cost-effective.

The new beacon’s design is visually based on the popular K-LED-FO, and impresses with its attractive styling with transparent dome and compact housing.

The K-LED Blizzard incorporates state-of-the-art LED technology and a lot of HELLA expertise. The double flash signal of the highly efficient amber LEDs is generated without moving parts and brings maximum warning effect. Up to four beacons can be synchronized with each other.

Due to the absence of moving parts and the highly robust construction, the K-LED Blizzard is extremely resilient and durable. It is dustproof, high-pressure jet cleaner resistant, and can withstand even brief submersion underwater.

Depending on the version, mounting can be either fixed, by magnet mounting, or via a pipe socket. With the flexible pipe socket variant, strong impacts are effectively cushioned and the lamp automatically returns to its original position.

Product Advantages

  • Very high warning effectiveness
  • Modern design
  • Flashing light function

K-LED Blizzard video

Technical Data

Operating voltage Multi-voltage (10 – 30 V)
Rated voltage 12 V/ 24 V
Current consumption 1.3 A (12 V)
0.7 A (24 V)
Power consumption Ø 16 W
Max. 48 W
Light source LED
Material Polycarbonate, aluminum
Temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
Protection class IP 67, IP 6X9K
Type approval ECE-R65 TA1
EMC protection ECE-R10, CISPR 25 class 5
Permitted speed for magnet version Max. 120 km/h

Program Overview

Type of mountingPart number
Fixed attachment (F)2XD 012 980-001
Flexible pipe socket mounting (FL)2XD 012 980-011
Magnet mounting (M)2XD 012 980-021