LED interior lamp Mini OvalLED

Pleasant, reliable lighting, even in the vehicle interior: The powerful HELLA Mini OvalLED interior lamp in a modern oval design makes sure of it. Four LEDs provides optimal, uniform illumination. Depending on the variant, standard LEDs or power LEDs are used. While the white LEDs are ideal for use in conventional lighting tasks, the separate switching of colored LEDs can be used to achieve attractive red or blue ambient lighting, depending on the version. For different requirements, both variants are available with and without bezel and switch. The variants without switch and bezel are absolutely waterproof and thus ideal for use even in cold, damp environments.  The compact height predestines the Mini OvalLED especially for flat installation environments. The black housing made of shatterproof ABB and the clear lens made of PMMA are impact-resistant and UV-resistant, and allow use even under harsh conditions.

Product Advantages

  • Oval design with clear lens
  • Ambient lighting with separately switchable red or blue LED
  • Compact height enables flexible use

Technical Data


Standard (E-LEDs)

Power (G-LEDs)

Operating voltage Multi-voltage
Rated voltage 12 V / 24 V
Current consumption

0.14 A (12 V)

0.07 A (24 V)

0.30 A (12 V)

0.15 A (24 V)

Power consumption

1.7 W

3.6 W

Light source LED
Temperature range

-40 °C to +60 °C

Protection class

IP 6K9K (without bezel)

IP 40 (with bezel)

Program Overview

Type of mountingVoltageAmbient lightingVariantPart number
Without bezel and switch12 VRedPower (G-LEDs)2JA 343 570-011
Without bezel and switch12 VRedStandard (E-LEDs)2JA 343 570-031
Without bezel and switch12 VBluePower (G-LEDs)2JA 343 570-117
Without bezel and switch24 VRedPower (G-LEDs)2JA 343 570-001
With bezel and switch12 VRedPower (G-LEDs)2JA 343 570-051
With bezel and switch12 VRedStandard (E-LEDs)2JA 343 570-071
With bezel and switch12 VBluePower (G-LEDs)2JA 343 570-157
With bezel and switch24 VRedPower (G-LEDs)2JA 343 570-041
With bezel and switch24 VRedStandard (E-LEDs)2JA 343 570-061
With bezel and switch24 VBluePower (G-LEDs)2JA 343 570-141