Safe charging with HELLA

HELLA's locking actuators ensure a safe charging process for e-vehicles:
on-board charging interfaces, charging stations and wallboxes.

Safety first: E-vehicles are still on the advance – and they need the right safety features for their daily use. For example, HELLA's new locking actuators ensure a safe charging process. They are suitable for the charging interface on the vehicle side as well as for charging stations and wallboxes. And the e-vehicle can be charged care-free and without supervising the process.


The keypoints in short

  • Actuators ensure that the EV connector socket is locked during the charging process
  • They prevent the connector from being pulled out prematurely
  • These actuators are easy to install in confined spaces thanks to their compact dimensions
  • Withstand the strongest pull-out forces
  • Tested for up to 100,000 locking cycles and therefore extremely durable
  • Particularly suitable for use on electric vehicles thanks to the explosion protection certificate
  • For EVs of all classes: electric trucks, electric buses and electric cars
  • Can be used in all charging stations to secure the cable and charging process


Locking actuator – small device, maximum security!

As e-mobility continues to expand, the demand for locking actuators continues to rise, not only in Germany, but all over the world. For safety during charging, HELLA relies on its proven product – over 33 million locking actuators have been manufactured to date. OEMs have been using HELLA locking actuators for years! In order to meet the increasing demand for such actuators, another state-of-the-art production line will be commissioned shortly.

The actuators ensure that the EV connector socket is locked during the charging process, preventing the connector from being pulled out prematurely. They withstand the strongest pull-out forces and are particularly durable, tested for up to 100,000 locking cycles. HELLA's locking actuators are suitable for e-vehicles of all classes – from e-trucks to e-buses and e-cars.


This is how it works: The actuator is mounted using a simple snap-in mounting. For the electromotive locking and unlocking function, the locking lever moves a hinge arm mounted in the locking system using electrical voltage. Reversing the polarity unlocks it. The integrated micro switch can determine the position of the locking element. This allows the charging process to start without supervising it.

Locking actuator

The HELLA locking actuator is particularly suitable for use on electric vehicles thanks to the explosion protection certificate.

What are the different use cases of these locking actuators?

As well as being used in charging stations, wallboxes and the on-board charging interface, there are other areas of application for these actuators. The design saves a lot of space, so they are also suitable for locking and unlocking applications where only limited installation space is available. Examples are tank modules, service flaps or glove compartments.


Especially for caravans and motorhomes, HELLA locking actuators offer a wide range of possible locking function applications. For example, the actuators make it easier to open exterior flaps, sunroofs, windows and doors. Due to its small dimensions, the actuator can be easily integrated into the vehicle design.


What is your use case? Learn more about our locking actuators!

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