Shapeline: Personalized lighting design


The key points in short

  • The lighting design is a central element in the vehicle concept that creates visual stimuli.
  • Shapeline offers you the greatest design freedom while maintaining the highest product quality.
  • You can choose from a variety of modules and different designs to make your individual concept a reality.
  • With the Shapeline Configurator, you can test your ideas directly and virtually on vehicle models.


Light lends vehicles character

Lighting design has a decisive influence on our perception of vehicles: While position and daytime running lamps as well as direction indicators give vehicles their characteristic face, side and clearance lamps are responsible for defining the vehicle body. Rear lamps such as rear fog lamps or reverse lamps lend vehicles a distinctive finish. The lighting signature is considered the most important design area, right after vehicle color and shape, and the possibilities for customization in automotive lighting are numerous. For a fully consistent design, you need the right lamps for every part of the vehicle.


Personalize your vehicle with Shapeline

This is precisely where HELLA comes in with the Shapeline concept. The modular lamps are your design solution that you can customize according to your ideas, personalizing your vehicle without losing sight of the technology. In addition to the technically optimized product design, the visual recognition value is of particular importance. Ideally, a fleet of vehicles should be immediately identifiable by other road users, day and night. This is achieved with a uniform, modern lighting design with Shapeline, perfectly combining form and function.


Shapeline offers you two design variants:

  • Tech
  • Style


The classic Shapeline Tech design convinces with clear, straight edges, while Shapeline Style appears more dynamic and snappily modern. The respective module elements can be freely combined with each other, according to your taste.

Shapeline can be attached to just about any vehicle: trucks, motorhomes and caravans, buses and emergency vehicles, e-cars, trailers, forklifts, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. The lights can be operated at 9 to 32 volts and mounted as required thanks to various mounting mechanisms. This way, Shapeline provides plenty of leeway in designing your vehicle lighting.


The harsh conditions to which municipal vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery are exposed are no problem for Shapeline lamps. They are particularly resistant, with protection classes IP XK9 and IP 6K7, can be used from -40 °C to +60 °C, and are EMC5 compliant. In addition, both ECE- and SAE-approved product variants are available. In this brochure, you will learn everything else about the technical features. 

Direct virtual design testing – with the Shapeline Configurator

With the Shapeline Configurator, you can try out the different HELLA vehicle lighting designs directly online. You can put together a custom configuration there and have it presented directly. First, select a vehicle and drag the desired lamps to where you want Shapeline mounted – just the way you like. If you have any questions about Shapeline or your lighting concept in general, we will be happy to assist you directly. We look forward to working with you!


Try the Configurator here!

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