Power sports: Striking lighting solutions for motorbikes


Whether in the touring or racing motorcycle sector, the lighting is a decisive factor in the motorbike's appearance. Styling is one of our main areas of expertise in the field of motorsport. Equally important to us are the quality and reliability of our products – for maximum safety and pure riding pleasure.

The keypoints in short

As a motorbike manufacturer, rely on products that deliver the benchmarks for quality, reliability, safety and energy efficiency:

  • HELLA offers standard products as well as customised solutions
  • The bright main headlamps ensure safety on the road
  • Lamps and electrics from HELLA meet the highest quality standards

Styling is one of HELLA's main areas of expertise

A motorbike’s striking character is often decisively shaped by the lighting. Not least because of the compact design of the motorised two-wheelers, the lamps play a major role in their appearance. The headlamps, but also the rear of the motorbike, are significantly shaped by the design of the lamps.

Therefore, at HELLA, styling plays a central role in the development process right from the start. Especially with premium motorbikes, it is important that manufacturers have as much freedom of design as possible. HELLA implements different technologies so that customised solutions can be achieved in addition to proven standard products. In addition, our industrial design specialists work closely with manufacturers to support them in all processes and to achieve optimal results. In this way, HELLA delivers tailor-made, expressive products for a striking appearance.

Qualitative and reliable: Our standard products

Motorcyclists must be able to fully rely on the lighting. The ultra-compact HELLA Modul 60 LED main headlamp series meets these requirements effortlessly. The light from the LEDs is optimally focused by a specially designed lens system and directed precisely to the area that the rider needs to keep in view. The proven HELLA Modul 60 LED main headlamp series is complemented by further high-performance standard products.

Thanks to the LED technology used and the innovative reflector, the HELLA R 80 LEDs produce low beam with an evenly distributed illumination similar to daylight at close range. This reduces eye fatigue.

The highly modular HELLA LED modules L 4060 enable the front light functions low beam, high beam, fog light, direction indicator light, daytime running light and position light with a single headlamp module, thus ensuring excellent illumination both in the near and far fields of vision.

In addition to the main headlamps, HELLA's wide range also includes fog lamps, daytime running lamps, position lamps and rear lamps (tail-stop lights, licence plate lamps, position lamps and reflex reflectors).

Small and powerful: Our electronic products

Electrics and electronic components: not visible from the outside, but no less important as a result. Actuators can be easily integrated into the vehicle architecture and are used to lock and unlock flaps and cases. HELLA supplies various product versions with different actuating forces.

LED flasher units are used to monitor the direction indicators. The failure of a direction indicator has to be shown to the rider either acoustically or by means of warning indicator lamps. HELLA flasher units ensure control by doubling the flashing frequency (E-controller) or indicator lamp switch-off (P-controller).

Bumps on the road are transferred to the motorbike. This is where the HELLA angular position sensors come into play: in the suspension system, they provide smoother movement in the frame to maximise riding comfort, and the hydraulic calibration of the fork and shock absorber are adjusted in real time.

The range also includes horns, which are required by law and are part of the safety equipment. A particularly perceptible tone is necessary so that other road users can be warned effectively in dangerous situations. Our signal horns offer you a high level of functional reliability, especially the electronic horns, because they are wear-free: if the horn is electronic, the oscillation is generated via the electronics. That is why an electronic horn is much more trouble-free than a classic horn, where the oscillation is generated by mechanically controlling the electromagnet.

Motorbike manufacturers will find a wide range of lighting products at HELLA that give motorbikes a striking appearance. Electronic components simultaneously increase driver/rider comfort and safety.

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