IAA Mobility 2023: FORVIA presents its Vision of Connected, Sustainable and Automated Mobility


FORVIA, the world’s seventh-largest supplier of automotive technology, combining the innovation skills of Faurecia and HELLA, is presenting its portfolio to address tomorrow's mobility requirements at the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich: electrification of the powertrain, safe and automated driving, and a connected and flexible interior.


“Lumières”, a new way of experiencing mobility 

The centerpiece of FORVIA’s booth is the “Lumières”. It reflects the full innovative power of HELLA and Faurecia in one joint demonstrator: from innovative interior concepts, interior and exterior lighting to electronics. “Lumières” offers OEMs great design freedom while ensuring the vehicle’s longevity and maximum recyclability. It offers drivers and passengers a completely new way to use a car. 

The "Lumières" cockpit is conceived as a "Third Place", a third living space in addition to people’s own living room and office. In the exhibit, visitors can experience the versatility of various usage scenarios: from individual work to relaxation surrounded by a personal bubble of light and sound, to shared cinematic experiences, conference calls or sitting around a table in a setting reminiscent of a living room or lounge. The special feature: these spectacular interior changes comply with European legal requirements (ECE space).


The significance of lighting is deeply recognized by FORVIA which, through "Lumières", presents a comprehensive portfolio of dynamic and customizable lighting solutions designed to address critical automotive lighting trends encompassing energy efficiency, safety considerations, and brand identity.


Electrification and energy management: different powertrains, a single solution provider

Drivers' requirements for cars are as varied as their lifestyles. For over 20 years, FORVIA has been committed to reducing emissions and improving air quality, for all. As a solution provider for every powertrain, the company develops technologies for electric, hydrogen and electric hybrid vehicles. At the IAA, FORVIA is presenting a platform that enables the simple integration of various electrification solutions, from battery systems to fuel cells. In addition to a 50 percent increase in storage capacity, which significantly increases range, FORVIA focuses on high recyclability to make production and further use as sustainable as possible.


Safe and automated driving: optimal safety at all times

At IAA Mobility, FORVIA is presenting sensing technologies that provide a 360° perception of the vehicle's surroundings, regardless of factors such as brightness, humidity, or fog. To this end, the company combines proven high-performance radar and camera systems as well as further sensor technologies: for reliable detection of fixed objects such as road boundaries or moving elements such as pedestrians or cyclists. The sensors developed by HELLA are so precise that the vehicle can reliably assess road and weather conditions and adapt settings and driving style accordingly to enhance safety of the driver and other road users.

Furthermore, the implementation of Steer-by-wire and Brake-by-wire replacing traditional steering columns and pedals symbolizes a shift towards the era of automated driving.

At this year's IAA Mobility, FORVIA is also presenting its Front Phygital Shields: highly complex modules for the front of the vehicle. Since electric vehicles no longer have a conventional radiator grille, the Front Phygital Shields can also improve communication and safety by providing indications to other road users, for example by inviting pedestrians to cross the road safely and will therefore play a central role in automated driving. On top, they also serve as a brand-differentiating design element for e-cars using lighting technology and multicolor.

Digital and sustainable cockpit experiences: Sustainable, durable, and flexible

FORVIA responds to consumers demand for clean mobility, minimizing their environmental impact. FORVIA’s modular components, such as the center console or seats, can be redesigned, replaced and expanded, for example, to enable upgrades or repairs, where before the whole console or seat had to be replaced. New materials developed by FORVIA's MATERI'ACT brand, made from natural and recycled fibers, create a new high-end aesthetic focused on sustainability, including materials such as woven hemp.

At the same time, one of the functions of “Advanced interiors for me” reduces the driver's cognitive load through HMI commands by allowing the user to perform several actions such as accessing the main menu or reducing the entertainment system volume with simple gestures without having to take their eyes off the road. 

Lightweight architecture, sustainable materials and energy-optimized electronics lead to an interior with 45 percent lower CO2 emissions.

Meet us from September 4-8, 2023 at IAA Mobility in Hall A2 / Booth C40. FORVIA will offer various media and discussion formats, including moderated tours of the FORVIA booth. If you are interested, please feel free to contact the persons mentioned in this press release. The press kit as well as extensive picture material of the products exhibited at the IAA can be found here: FORVIA press materials.

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