HELLA Powersports: Lighting solutions for ATVs/quads have to withstand a lot


Quads were developed for extreme operating conditions. Dust, vibrations and heat are not only part of motorsport racing but also off-road driving. HELLA's lighting solutions are adapted to these requirements and ensure maximum reliability and safety in every situation.


The keypoints in short

  • Lighting solutions from HELLA ensure fun and safety while driving
  • Broad portfolio of high-intensity module headlamps offer the best visibility - even on rough terrain
  • Find the right headlamp with the HELLA Module finder
  • Robust rear lamps and direction indicators round off the range


Have fun driving, while being safe!
Quads or all-terrain vehicles (ATV) are often used where other vehicles reach their limits: Off-road, away from roads and paved paths. HELLA lighting solutions for quads are adapted to these extreme requirements. They are extremely robust and function reliably – even when exposed to great heat, water and mud, dust and strong vibrations.

Headlamps from HELLA make driving more enjoyable, because they provide an excellently illuminated field of vision. Other products from the HELLA range, such as rear lamps, position lamps and direction indicators, are also essential. The visibility of the vehicle is decisively improved by these lamps, even under the most difficult conditions. The LEDayflex I, II and III daytime running lamps are often installed to supplement the headlamps. The standard round rear lamps and licence plate lamps are often used at the rear. Alternatively, the 55 mm and 60 mm module rear lamps are also used for quads and ATVs. They can be combined with circular ring modules with 112 mm diameter. The Shapeline products and 55 mm modules have proven themselves many times over as direction indicators and position lamps. However, the 32 mm LED position lamp is also recommended for quads.

Besides the practical aspects of lighting, design is an important factor when selecting lamps. A wide variety of modules are often combined with each other and adapted to the vehicle outline using vehicle-specific bezels.

Lighting is a decisive factor in a vehicle’s appearance. Quad, snowmobile and motorbike manufacturers rely on products that set benchmarks in quality, reliability, safety and energy efficiency: they have to be extremely robust against dust, vibrations and humidity.

Shapeline lamps

The 60 mm LED projection modules and the LEDayflex daytime running light can be harmoniously combined thanks to their clear shape. This allows infinite scope for individuality and creativity.

Powerful light output, maximum flexibility with our modular headlamps
The highest level of concentration is required off-road, especially when travelling in the dark. The bright headlamps from HELLA ensure that drivers keep everything important in view. For the front lighting on quads, modular headlamps are mainly used. Thanks to their modular design, they offer maximum flexibility and a wide range of possible applications. All modules impress with their rugged construction and can therefore also be used in demanding work environments. They are all powerful, durable and reliable and therefore stand for safety. In order to find the right headlamp in such a large selection, HELLA has developed the Module finder.

The HELLA Modul 60 LED main headlamp series is ultra-compact and equipped with a specially designed lens system. It focuses the light optimally and directs it precisely to the area that the driver needs to have in view. Like the other module series from HELLA (for example 83 mm, 66 mm and 55 mm), the Modul 60 LED headlamps also meet the highest demands and can be used flexibly for different vehicle types.

The HELLA 90 mm modular headlamp range, for example, is particularly versatile. It includes series for a wide range of applications and covers all lighting technologies.  The 90 mm series’ bi-LED modules combine low beam and high beam in a single headlamp module – ideal for tight installation spaces or special designs.

The HELLA R 80 LED modules are also based on modern LED technology. Thanks to the innovative reflector, the low beam is evenly distributed so that the close-up area in particular is illuminated similarly to daylight. This is particularly noticeable when drivers are on the road for long periods in the dark: their eyes do not tire as quickly.

You can find an overview of all the relevant products for quads on our  Powersports customer segment page!

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