360° environment monitoring for harsh environmental conditions


People cannot have their eyes everywhere, but radar can. The HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors monitor the vehicle's surroundings, provide assistance in combination with driver assistance systems and warn of dangers. The sensors can detect both moving and stationary objects and measure relative speed as well as distance and position.


The keypoints in short

  • Compact 77 GHz radar sensor with a wide field of view, medium range and stable measurement signal.
  • Designed for environments with the most demanding vibration and tightness requirements.
  • Fast measurements and responses to changes in position.
  • 360° environment detection both of moving objects (such as cars, pedestrians and cyclists) and of stationary objects around the vehicle.

Safe on the road with HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors

The HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors operate with a 360° frequency modulated continuous wave radar (FMCW), which even works reliably at extreme temperatures, at night and in poor visibility conditions due to fog, rain or snow. The sensors can collect a wide range of data about objects in the vehicle's surroundings, for example their distance, relative speed and the angle at which the objects are moving. This allows the sensors to support a range of driver assistance systems. The radar sensors enable exceptionally fast measurements and responses to changes in position, which increases driving safety.

Radar sensors can be fitted in the rear or at the front of the vehicle

Fitted in the rear of the vehicle, the radar sensors warn of approaching vehicles, for example, and prevent rear-end collisions as a result. They support the lane change assistant and detect rear cross traffic. The radar sensors can also make exiting safer in unclear situations and warn of moving objects, such as pedestrians and cyclists, when reversing and in blind spots. This can also prevent collisions with obstacles when reversing.


Fitted on the front of the vehicle, the radar sensors ensure safety at junctions and in unclear situations, for example by warning of cross traffic. They detect objects in blind spots and they can detect vehicles ahead better than the human eye, especially in darkness, fog and poor visibility.

Applications and ranges of the 77 GHz radar sensors at a glance


LCA – Lane Change Assistant
Detects and warns of vehicles approaching from afar

BSD – Blind Spot Detection
Detects objects located in the blind spot

RCP – Rear Crash Detection
Detects a collision situation and prepares the active safety systems

FCTA - Front Cross Traffic Alert
Warns of cross traffic at junctions and when exiting a parking space

RCTA - Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Warns of rear cross traffic, moving objects and objects when reversing

FCW - Forward Collision Warning
Early detection of slower vehicles ahead

ESTA - Exit Assistant
Helps with exiting in unclear situations


BSD – Blind Spot Detection
Detects objects located in the blind spot



High-tech in a compact and robust design

The HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors offer the latest technology in the smallest space. Thanks to the reliable 77 GHz technology’s compact dimensions and transmission characteristics, the radars can be well integrated into the vehicle or mounted on the side of the vehicle.


The heart of the sensors is a latest-generation system chip based on RF CMOS technology. The architecture of the chip is designed in such a way that, in addition to the components for transmitting and receiving the radar waves, digital components and self-diagnostic systems can also be integrated. To ensure that the radar sensors function even in the most difficult conditions, they meet the criteria of protection classes IP 6K7 and IP X9K.

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