Compact LED rear fog/ reverse lamp with reflex reflector

The compact LED rear fog/ reverse lamp with reflector sets new standards in vehicle lighting. Thanks to its extremely compact design, it blends seamlessly into the overall appearance of the vehicle. 


The version with reflex reflector ensures additional safety, while the version without reflector impresses with its inconspicuous placement - barely visible, yet powerful. 


The lamp offers versatile mounting options. It is available in various versions, including single or double light functions. It can be mounted either from the front using a stud screw or from the rear using side brackets. In addition, the various placement options on the vehicle - right, left, double or central - enable customised adaptation to the vehicle environment. 


This product fulfils the highest safety and design standards and has already been homologated in various versions in accordance with ECE, SAE and CCC.

Product Advantages

  • Ultra-compact design and slim silhouette
  • Almost invisible integration without reflector
  • Versatile applications with single and double light functions

Technical Data

Operating voltage Multi-voltage (9-32 V)
Rated voltage 12 V  and 24 V
Current consumption

Reverse light: 
min. 94 mA (13.5 V), max. 145 mA (13.5 V), 
min. 55 mA (28 V), max. 88 mA (28 V)

Rear fog light:
min. 105 mA (13.5 V), max. 164 mA (13.5 V), 
min. 62 mA (28 V), max. 98 mA (28 V)

Power consumption Reverse light: 2.5 W
Rear fog light: 3.5 W
Light function Reverse light / rear fog light
Light source LED
Temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
Protection class IP 6K9K
Approved ECE-R10, CCC
Reverse light and rear fog light: ECE-R148
Reflector: ECE-R150
Reverse light and reflector: FMVSS 108  
Compliant CISPR 25 class 4
Rear fog light: SAE J319
Specification HN67101 class 6.3 "Truck Premium"
Mounting Screw mounting: stud or screw holes

200 mm cable with AMP Superseal (2-pin or 3-pin)

Program Overview

Light function Mounting* Type of mounting Connection Testing / conformity Part number
Rear fog light, reverse light, reflex reflector In pairs Screw holes AMP-SS 3-pin ECE & SAE 2NR 350 000-017
Reverse light, reflex reflector In pairs Screw holes AMP-SS 2-pin ECE & SAE 2NR 350 000-027
Rear fog light, reflex reflector In pairs Screw holes AMP-SS-2-pin ECE & SAE 2NR 350 000-037
Rear fog light, reverse light  Single Screw holes AMP-SS-3-pin ECE & SAE 2NR 350 000-047
Reverse light  Single Screw holes AMP-SS-2-pin ECE & SAE 2NR 350 000-067
Rear fog light Single Screw holes AMP-SS-2-pin ECE & SAE 2NR 350 000-087


* Either use in pairs (left and right) or individually (central).
  Version with stud available on request.