LED daytime running and position lamps set LEDayFlex

Not only seeing well, but also being well seen: that is the main task of daytime running lights. The specially designed daytime running lamps significantly increase visibility and safety in road traffic for all road users. The HELLA LEDayFlex daytime running and position lamp set is in perfect shape for this important function – not only the technology, but also the design. With their extra-flat installation depth and their adaptability to the respective vehicle contour, LEDayFlex creates a custom appearance. The two module chains consist of 5-8 circular LED modules with a diameter of approx. 30 mm, which can be configured into a lighting system in the front of the vehicle as part of the present type approvals. Through the integrated position light circuit, the LEDayFlex modules achieve a strong effect even at night. This makes it easier to see the vehicles in the dark. Powerful during the day and at night: The HELLA LED daytime running and position lamps are both at the same time!

Product Advantages

  • Modular LED daytime running lamps set with extremely flat module installation depth
  • Module flexibility allows for custom adaptation to the vehicle contour
  • The position light ensures an attractive design even at night

Technical Data

Operating voltage Multi-voltage (9-32 V)
Rated voltage 12 / 24 V
Power consumption Daytime running light: 5.8 W
Position light: 0.6 W
Light function Daytime running light, position light
Light source LED
Protection class IP 6K7, IP 6K9K
Type approval ECE, SAE
Mounting The entire light chain is attached to the individual modules. There are threads for two screws on each individual module, with which the module can be flexibly positioned and mounted
Connection Incl. fixed AMP-SUPERSEAL connector, cable sheathed, approx. 29 cm long

Program Overview

Light function Number of light modules Part number
Daytime running light 5 2PT 010 458-701
Daytime running light 6 2PT 010 458-721
Daytime running light 7 2PT 010 458-741
Daytime running light 8 2PT 010 458-761
Daytime running light, position light 5 2PT 010 458-711
Daytime running light, position light 6 2PT 010 458-731
Daytime running light, position light 7 2PT 010 458-751
Daytime running light, position light 8 2PT 010 458-771