Angular position sensors

Precision artist: HELLA CIPOS® (Contactless Inductive Position Sensor) rotary angle sensors enable a wide range of applications where the aim is to measure angles precisely and reliably. Possible areas of application include the accelerator pedal position for recording the torque range for engine control, steering angle determinations, measuring the throttle valve position, or the vehicle level.


Inside the laser-welded sensor housing, the rotor position is calculated with high accuracy by an ASIC (application specific integrated circuit).

The HELLA CIPOS® sensors can be mounted in different positions due to the repetition of the characteristic curve in 120° steps. The measuring angle range is 108 degrees. If the angle range is exceeded by up to 6°, the output signal remains at the measuring range end value; if it is exceeded by more, the next characteristic curve section is run through. The zero position of the CIPOS® angular position sensors is individually programmable.


CIPOS® sensors are extremely durable due to their resistance to magnetic fields and high temperature stability, allowing them to be used even under adverse conditions. They work absolutely wear-free due to the contactless, inductive angle determination. The 14-bit resolution ensures very high measurement accuracy.

Product Advantages

  • High precision due to internal 14-bit resolution
  • High thermal stability and linearity
  • High resistance to magnetic fields
  • Zero position can be programmed individually
  • Various connecting elements available

Technical Data

Mechanical angle range unlimited (full 360° circle)
Supply voltage 5 V ± 10 % or 9 – 32 V
Output signal 0.5 - 4.5 V ratiometric/ absolute
Zero position 0° / 120° / 240°
Protection class IP 6K9K
Mating connector 1394416-1 (TE Connectivity)

Program Overview

Mechanical connection Angele range Lever arm Part number
Socket - 30° to + 30° 50 mm 6PD 009 583-001
Socket - 54° to + 54° 50 mm 6PD 009 583-011
Socket - 54° to + 54° 70 mm 6PD 009 580-017
Ball, top - 54° to + 54° 90 mm 6PD 009 584-017