LED low beam headlamp R 80

Cleverly combined: The compact HELLA LED low beam headlamps R 80 combine homogeneous illumination with flexible application options and a sophisticated design.


Thanks to the LED technology used and the innovative reflector, the HELLA R 80 LED modules produce low beam light with an evenly distributed, close-range illumination similar to daylight that doesn’t fatigue the driver's eyes. The powerful light output of the energy-efficient LED low beam headlamps offers improved visibility compared with conventional halogen headlamps, and thus a real plus in safety and comfort. The maintenance-free LED technology ensures reduced operating costs due to its long lifetime and low power consumption. Due to the robust housing, the aluminum heat sink and the impact-resistant polycarbonate lens, the LED modules are particularly resistant and protected against external influences such as shocks, impacts, and vibrations.


The HELLA LED module headlamps R 80 can be used on various types of vehicles. Thanks to their modular design, the low beam headlamps are ideal for converting existing halogen headlamps to efficient LED technology. The connection is made via a DEUTSCH or FEP connector, depending on the variant.

Product Advantages

  • Specially developed reflector design for homogenous illumination
  • Compact and robust design
  • Facilitates the cost-efficient change from halogen to LED headlamps

Product video of the R 80 module

Technical Data

Operating voltage Multi-voltage (9-32 V)
Light function Low beam
Light source LED

Cover lens: Polycarbonate
Housing: Plastic
Reflector: Plastic

Weight 445 g
Temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
Protection class IP X9K, IP X4K, IP 5KX
Approved ECE-R149 Class B, SAE (FMVSS-108)
Specification HELLA Standard 67101: Class 3.2/4.1/7.2/10.2/11.2/12.1/13.2
Connection 2-pin DEUTSCH DT connector or 2-pin FEP connector

Program Overview

DescriptionConnectorPart number
Right-hand traffic, ECEDEUTSCH connector1B0 015 050-001
Left-hand traffic, ECEDEUTSCH connector1M0 015 050-011
SAEDEUTSCH connector1B0 015 050-031
Right-hand traffic, ECEFEP connector1B0 015 050-101
Left-hand traffic, ECEFEP connector1M0 015 050-111
SAEFEP connector1B0 015 050-131