LED lamp control units

Well secured: HELLA LED lamp control units are used to monitor the direction indicators respectively stop lights. A failure control of LED lamps is legally required by ECE R48. In principle, this can be done on the vehicle side by detecting the electrical pulse directly in the vehicle electrical system. All that is required is the integration of a check in accordance with ISO 13207-1.


In the absence of this condition, electronic ballasts form a particularly intelligent and effective solution. HELLA offers two variants for different requirements: The Basic version only checks the function of the direction indicator, while the Premium variant monitors the direction indicator as well as the stop lights. In each case, only one control unit is required to check the lighting on both sides of the vehicle. The DEUTSCH connector located in the housing makes integration into the respective vehicle architecture particularly simple.


HELLA LED lamp control units meet the highest qualitative requirements. The integrated temperature management protects against overheating. The control units are also completely dustproof and waterproof. To ensure that on-board radio solutions remain interference-free, for example, HELLA control units are tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Product Advantages

  • LED lamp control unit for connection of LED lamps to conventional light control units
  • Basic control unit: For the legal direction indicator failure control
  • Premium control unit: For convenient monitoring of the direction indicators as well as the stop lights
  • Maximum compatibility thanks to simulation of the bulb characteristic

Technical Data

  12 V 24 V
Operating voltage 9 - 16 V 18 - 32 V
Operating temperature -40 °C to +50 °C -40 °C to +50 °C
Protection class IP 6K9K IP 6K9K
Current consumption (min.) 1.4 A 0.78 A
Current consumption (max.) 2 A 0.9 A

Program Overview

Description Part number PU*
Basic control unit**    
12 V, with 6-pin socket housing 5DS 227 488-001 1
24 V, with 6-pin socket housing 5DS 227 488-101 1
Premium control unit    
24 V, with 8-pin socket housing (1 stop light channel) 5DS 227 489-101 1
Wire harness with EasyConn-connectors, for Basic Control Unit 8KA 340 128-001 1
Wire harness with EasyConn-connectors, for Premium Control Unit 8KA 340 128-011 1
Wire harness with 6.3 mm-tabs, for Basic Control Unit 8KA 340 128-021 1
Sets (Control Unit + Harness)**    
24 V-Basic Control Unit + wire harness with EasyConn-connectors 5DS 009 552-081 1
24 V-Basic Control Unit + wire harness with 6.3 mm-tabs 5DS 009 552-101 1

* Packaging unit
** Constant vehicle electric system voltage to the rear lamps must be guaranteed.