Rota LED

Optimal warning effect: The HELLA Rota LED beacon with rotating warning signal and amber dome offers an attention-grabbing signal, high functionality, and lasting durability in one.

Thanks to the efficient, durable, and powerful LED technology, the rotation signal is generated completely without moving parts. This significantly reduces wear compared to conventional beacons. The impact-resistant polycarbonate dome and shock-absorbing rubber base predestine the Rota LED for use even in demanding operating conditions, and offer protection against adverse external influences such as shocks, impacts, and vibrations. Due to the IP X9K degree of protection, the beacon is high-pressure jet cleaner resistant and protected against water penetration. It is also suitable for transport of dangerous goods according to ADR/GGVSE.

The multi-voltage-capable and polarity reversal-protected HELLA Rota LED is available in three different surface mounting variants for fixed mounting, magnet mounting, and flexible pipe socket mounting.

Product Advantages

  • Flat and compact design
  • Available as flashing or rotating variant
  • Long lifetime

Rota LED

Technical Data

  Rotating Flashing
Operating voltage Multi-voltage (10 – 30 V)
Rated voltage 12 V/ 24 V
Current consumption

0.8 A (12 V)
0.4 A (24 V)

0.7 A (12 V)
0.35 A (24 V)

Power consumption

Ø 9 W Max. 9 W

Ø 12 W max. 30 W

Light source LED
Material Polycarbonate
Temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
Protection class IP 5K4K, IP X9K
Type approval

ECE-R65 TA1, TB1, TR1, SAE J845 Class 2

EMC protection ECE-R10, CISPR 25 class 5

Program Overview

Type of mountingDomeVariantPart number
Fixed attachment (F)AmberRotating2RL 010 979-001
Fixed attachment (F)AmberFlashing2XD 012 878-001
Flexible pipe socket mounting (FL)AmberRotating2RL 010 979-011
Flexible pipe socket mounting (FL)AmberFlashing2XD 012 878-011
Magnet mounting (M)AmberRotating2RL 010 979-021
Magnet mounting (M)AmberFlashing2XD 012 878-021