Locking actuators

Charging EVs safely: For the rapidly growing area of charging infrastructure, HELLA offers safety features such as locking actuators. They prevent the connector from being pulled out prematurely during the charging process and are suitable both for the charging interface on the vehicle side and for charging columns and wallboxes. 


The locking actuators are suitable for all charging plug types and are designed to withstand the highest pull-out forces. Due to their compact design, HELLA locking actuators are always used when reliable locking and unlocking in confined spaces is required and are therefore also well suited for fuel filler flaps, glove compartments or service flaps.

The actuator is mounted in each case by a simple snap-in assembly. In the electromotive locking and unlocking function, the locking lever uses electrical voltage to move a hinge arm mounted in the locking system. Reversing the polarity results in unlocking. The position of the locking element can be determined by the integrated micro switch. For the electromechanical locking and unlocking function, a return spring and a micro switch are integrated in the locking actuators. The micro switch is actuated by light pressure, e.g. on fuel filler flaps. This resets the actuator locking lever, opens the locking system, and opens the tank or service flap using a spring. After the actuator is switched off, the locking lever returns to the locking position without current. The tank or service flap is then automatically locked after being pressed shut.

Product Advantages

  • Electric locking/unlocking, space-saving, with or without micro switch
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Electromotive or automatic reset (non-electric)
  • Easy installation with snap-fit mounting
  • Splash-proof
  • With or without micro switch
  • Explosion certification for tank modules

The Locking actuator ensures safe EV charging!

Technical Data


Electric locking and unlocking,

electrical forward and reverse rotation

(reverse rotation with soft-touch button -041)


60 g

Rated voltage

12 V
Operating voltage range 9 – 15.5 V
Maximum current consumption
Stall current ≤ 3.2 A (-011)
≤ 2.4 A (-021, -031, -051)
≤ 4.0 A (-041)
No-load current ≤ 2.0 A (-011, -041)
≤ 1.0 A (-021, -031, -051)
Locking lever pulling force

> 75 N (after lifetime > 50 N); 75 N (-041)

Locking lever breaking force

≥ 300 N; 300 N (-041)

Functional angle ≤ 78°
Lifetime 2)

100,000 cycles (-011) 60,000 cycles (-021, -031, -051)

Actuating time 78° over

functional angle1)

40 ms < t < 200 ms (-011, -021, -031, -051)

45 ms < t < 220 ms (-041)


1) Over the operating voltage and temperature range.

2) One switching cycle equals one forward and one reverse rotation.

Program Overview

Variant Part number Packaging unit
Electrical forward and reverse rotation

6NW 011 122-087


Electrical forward and reverse rotation, with micro switch

6NW 011 122-097


Electrical forward and reverse rotation with micro switch, without operating element, without locking element

6NW 011 122-107


Electrical forward and reverse rotation with micro switch, with operating element, without locking element

6NW 011 122-117


Electrical forward rotation, return rotation via return spring, with soft-touch button

6NW 011 122-047