Electronic horns MotoVox Compact for Mining

Sound for greater safety: Signal horns are required in vehicles by law so that other road users can be made aware of dangerous situations in a clearly audible manner.

The MotoVox Compact horns for mining are available with 107 dB, 112 dB and 117 dB. All three variants are electronic horns with a very long service lifetime. Moreover, they meet or exceed all applicable SAE specifications and are primarily used by major OEMs.

The variant with 112 dB is a compact electronic horn with extremely long service lifetime as a replacement for high-maintenance electromechanical horns.

The MotoVox Compact 117 dB is a robust electronic horn and features a high decibel level as well as an extremely long lifetime.

Product Advantages

  • Durable horn with innovative technology
  • Compact size and low weight
  • No mechanical wear through electronic design

Technical Data

Operating voltage 12 – 24 V
Connection open cable end
Sound pressure level at 1.2 m distance 107 dB, 112 dB or 117 dB
Type approval 107 dB: SAE J1105 Sept 89, Type 1
112 dB: SAE J1105 Sept 89, Type K. U.L.
117 dB: SAE J1105 Sept 89, Type J for 24 V systems
SAE J1105 Sept 89, Type K for 12 V systems

Program Overview

Variant Part number Packaging unit
MotoVox Compact 107 dB 3TA 910 156-001 1
MotoVox Compact 112 dB 3TA 910 156-021 1
MotoVox Compact 117 dB 3TA 910 156-011 1


No IMDS data available, therefore not available in Germany.