Electromechanical horn B36

Sound for greater safety: Signal horns are required in vehicles by law, in order to be able to draw the attention of other road users to dangerous situations in a clearly audible manner. The HELLA Full Tone Horn B36 with its full sound is particularly suitable for commercial vehicles. It generates maximum attention even over long distances.


The B36 horn is operated by the battery current or a control current coming from the steering wheel. A relay prevents voltage dips. The control current activates the electromagnet. This attracts the metal core or armature and, above it, the steel diaphragm of the horn. When the diaphragm is tightened, the power supply is interrupted and the armature and diaphragm return to the original position, and the process starts again. This creates a vibration, which becomes audible as a signal.


The HELLA B36 horn is available with a low (335 Hz) and a high (400 Hz) tone for different nominal voltages from 12 V to 80 V and produces a sound pressure level of approx. 115 dB(A) at 2 m distance. The combination of a set of high and low tone creates an optimal tone.

Product Advantages

  • Ideal for commercial vehicles
  • Membrane to protect against moisture penetration
  • Full, harmonious sound over long distances in road traffic
  • Optimum tone when flush mounting a set of high and low tone horns
  • Teflon seal to protect against humidity (optional)
  • Variants with additional interference suppression available
  • Variants with high supply voltage range available

Technical Data

Diameter 97 mm / 113 mm
Rated voltage 12 V / 24 V / 48 V / 80 V
Sound pressure level at 2 m distance 115 dB (A) ± 3 dB (A)
Frequency range

335 Hz (low tone)

400 Hz (high tone)

Power consumption

66 W (12 V)

84 W (24 V)

62 W (48 V)

40 W (80 V)

Current consumption

Max. 6.0 A (12 V)

Max. 3.5 A (24 V)

Max. 1.3 A (48 V)

Max. 0.5 A (80 V)

Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Protection class IP 6K7 and IP X5
Lifetime 100,000 cycles (ECE-R28)
Housing material Metal
Type approval

ECE-R28 (applies for 12 V and 24 V horns)

Program Overview

Variant Diameter Part number Packaging unit
24 V, 335 Hz, low tone, flat connector 113 mm 3BA 002 768-382 1
24 V, 400 Hz, high tone, flat connector 113 mm 3BA 002 768-431 1
24 V, 335 Hz, low tone, DEUTSCH connector 113 mm 3BA 922 200-827 24
48 V, 335 Hz, low tone, flat connector 113 mm 3BA 002 768-777 24
80 V, 335 Hz, low tone, flat connector 113 mm 3BA 002 768-007 24