KL 7000 LED

High efficiency in a compact design: The HELLA KL 7000 LED offers an optimal, attention-grabbing signal pattern with small dimensions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The halogen predecessor models can be quickly and easily converted to the LED variants.

The rotating all-round light function is realized without moving parts thanks to the maintenance-free LED technology. The beacon is therefore virtually wear-free and extremely durable. The low power consumption of the powerful LEDs minimize operating costs.

The KL 7000 LED combines thermal management and high-performance optics. The smooth, impact-resistant dome also makes the KL 7000 LED insensitive to shocks, impacts, and contamination.

The multi-voltage-capable, radio interference-suppressed beacon is ECE-approved and is suitable for transporting dangerous goods in accordance with ADR/GGVSE. It is available as a variant for fixed, magnet, or pipe socket mounting.

Product Advantages

  • Flat and compact design
  • Available as flashing or rotating variant
  • Smooth dome

Technical Data

Operating voltage Multi-voltage (10 – 32 V)
Rated voltage 12 V/ 24 V
Current consumption

0.8 A (12 V)
0.4 A (24 V)

Power consumption

Ø 9 W Max. 9 W

Light source LED
Material Polycarbonate
Temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
Protection class IP 67, IP X9K
Type approval

ECE-R65 TA1, TB 1, TR1 SAE J845 Class 2

EMC protection

ECE-R10, CISPR 25 class 5

Program Overview

Type of mounting Dome Variant Part number
Fixed attachment (F) Amber Rotating 2RL 011 484-001
Fixed attachment (F) Amber Flashing 2XD 012 972-001
Flexible pipe socket mounting (FL) Amber Rotating 2RL 011 484-011
Flexible pipe socket mounting (FL) Amber Flashing 2XD 012 972-011
Magnet mounting (M) Amber Rotating 2RL 011 484-021
Magnet mounting (M) Amber Flashing 2XD 012 972-021