77 GHz radar sensors

Invisible assistants: Driver assistance systems increase road safety. Radar sensor technology in particular is becoming increasingly important. Radar sensors record and evaluate object-related speed, angle, and distance information. They help to detect and warn of dangerous situations at an early stage. The sensors enable 360° detection of moving objects such as pedestrians or vehicles, as well as non-moving surrounding objects. The frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar can be used regardless of weather conditions such as fog, rain, or snow and can detect both distance and relative speed.


The HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors offer high tech in a compact design. The small dimensions and good transmission properties of the 77 GHz technology mean they can be mounted or integrated covertly behind the bumper or on the side of the vehicle. At its heart is a latest-generation system chip based on RF-CMOS technology. Thanks to the special chip architecture, digital components as well as self-diagnostic systems can be integrated in addition to components for transmitting/receiving. HELLA 77 GHz radar sensors have IP 6K7 and IP X 9K protection classes.

Product Advantages

  • Compact radar sensor designed for the most demanding environments IP 6K7 and IP X9K
  • Wide field of view and high range
  • Stable measurement signal even in the event of adverse environmental conditions or sensor cap contamination
  • Fast measurements and response to position changes

Material handling

Agricultural and forestry machinery

Construction machinery

Last mile delivery

Technical Data

Center frequency 76.5 GHz
Azimut FOV ± 75° (10 dBsm at 20 m)
Elevation FOV ± 10° (10 dBsm at 20 m)
Communication interface CAN
Weight < 100 g
Protection class IP 6K7, IP X9K*
Mounting 3 eyelets for M6 screws
Supply voltage 12V / 24V
Maximum idle current 100 μA
Minimum operating voltage

6.5 V at 12 V

9 V at 24 V

Performance < 4 W
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C


* If the membrane is protected according to an installation guideline for pressure equalization

Program Overview

Variant Part number Packaging unit
77 GHz radar sensor On request 1