Simulation devices for cold check with LED lamps

Well protected against failure: In accordance with ECE R48, a failure control of LED direction indicators is required by law.


Cold checking means that the vehicle electrical system checks the lighting even when it is not switched on. In the case of halogen lamps, this is done using a test pulse, which is checked to see whether mass is being dissipated by the bulb. The low energy in the test pulse means the lamp does not light up. This form of monitoring is thus fundamentally impossible in LED lamps. For this reason, HELLA offers simulation devices for cold checks.


This simulation device is installed between the body control unit and an ISO 13207-compliant LED direction indicator. During the operation of the direction indicators, the simulation devices check the function using the ISO pulse. In the event of a direction indicator failure, the device stores the corresponding information and returns it to the vehicle electrical system accordingly during the next cold check.

Product Advantages

  • For individual function monitoring of LED direction indicators compatible with ISO standard 13207-1
  • Storage and forwarding of the last functional state of the LED direction indicator to the central control unit
  • For vehicles with 12 V or 24 V vehicle electrical system voltages
  • Connector pattern compatible with ISO 7588-2

Technical Data

Rated voltage 12 V 24 V

Operating voltage

10 – 15 V 18 – 32 V

Rated current

1.5 A 1.5 A
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C -40 °C to +85 °C

Protection class

IP 54 (contacts underneath)

IP 54 (contacts underneath)