Intelligent battery sensors (IBS) 12 V, global (Generation 2)

Optimal energy management passenger cars, EVs, agricultural vehicles, last mile vehicles, marine applications as well as motorhomes: made possible by the intelligent battery sensors (IBS), in their second generation from HELLA. They measure battery variables such as current, voltage, and temperature in 12 V electrical system environments. The measured values provide information on the state of charge (SOC), aging (SOH), as well as the expected starting capability (SOF) of the battery.


The HELLA IBS 12 V, second generation, are specially developed to meet the requirements for these applications. Their LIN (CI bus) communication interface passes on information such as battery charge status to the charging system.


The IBS are designed to fit precisely on the negative terminal of the battery. As a measuring resistor for indirect current measurement, the shunt component of the battery sensors is attached to the vehicle’s load path, while the ground cable can simply be attached to the earthing bolt. The IBS electronics are located in a cast housing with a plug connector.

Product Advantages

  • Space-saving, compact sensor specially developed to meet the requirements of passenger cars, EVs, agricultural vehicles, last-mile vehicles, marine applications as well as motorhomes
  • Accurate measurement of voltage, current, and temperature battery condition parameters
  • Determination of these battery condition parameters: state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), and state of function (SOF)
  • Simple electrical and mechanical integration

IBS Video 12 V

Technical Data

Operating voltage 6 - 18 V
Permanent load current* ± 175 A
Maximum current*+** 1,500 A
Protection class IP 6K9K
Operating current** 10 mA (normal mode);
≤ 200 μA (sleep mode)
Max. battery capacity 500 Ah
Operating temperature -40 °C to +105 °C
Earthing bolt M6
Output signal LIN (2.0) or higher
ASIL grade QM


* Typical condition: Ta ≤ 105 °C; Ub = 14 V typical ground cable: 35 mm² Other configurations available on request. ** Approved for max. 500 ms.

Program Overview

Operating voltage Part number Packaging unit
6 – 18 V 6PK 013 824-001 1
6 – 18 V 6PK 013 824-007 100

The package space has been optimized in such a way that installation even in locations with difficult access, e.g. under a seat, is easily possible. Furthermore, this product variant has the latest algorithms for battery condition detection. Reliable statements on charge condition and aging are therefore possible even with higher quiescent currents such as can occur, for example, in mobile homes.