Vacuum pumps UP 5.0 and UP 28 and pressure sensors

Pressure that makes sense: Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in ensuring that the braking system functions reliably. They can support the pneumatic brake boosting system, or generate the necessary vacuum completely by themselves.


Electric vacuum pumps are used to ensure the reliable operation of the brake booster. HELLA has many years of development and production experience in this field and has been one of the leading suppliers for many years.


Vacuum pumps function according to the so-called rotary displacement compression principle. The vacuum chamber contains an eccentrically arranged rotor whose vanes slide along the inner wall of the pump chamber, continuously compressing the volume. The vacuum pump or the generated vacuum draws air from the brake booster via the pneumatic line system.


Depending on the engine design and driving environment, the combustion engine may not generate sufficient vacuum via the intake manifold or, in extreme cases, no vacuum at all. In this case, HELLA vacuum pumps support the engine in generating the necessary vacuum or supply the required vacuum completely themselves.

Product Advantages

  • Electrical vacuum pumps to support or independently generate the vacuum for the pneumatic brake booster system
  • Can be applied to all motor designs, including electric motors and hybrid drives
  • HELLA is a market leader with more than 10 years of experience developing and manufacturing electric vacuum pumps

Technical Data

  UP 28 UP 5.0
Rated voltage 13.5 V 13 V
Average current consumption between thresholds < 10 A 16 A
Lifetime 600 h 1,500 h
Max. vacuum


(≥ 88% typical)

≥ 90%
Time to lower to 50% of ambient pressure ≤ 5.5 s ≤ 3.0 s
Time to lower to 70% of ambient pressure ≤ 11 s ≤ 6.0 s
Booster size 3.2 l 5 l
Operating temperature

-40 °C to

+100 °C

-40°C to


Acoustics < 70 db (A) < 73 db (A)
Protection class IP 6K9K IP 6K9K

Program Overview

Variant Part number Packaging unit
Vacuum pumps UP 5.0 with engine compartment connector

8TG 012 377-701

8TG 012 377-707



Vacuum pumps UP 28 with engine compartment connector

8TG 009 428-081

8TG 009 428-087



Vacuum pumps UP 28 with relay box

8TG 008 570-021

8TG 008 570-027