Reflex reflector 329 500

Attention-grabbing protection at every corner: The HELLA triangular reflector with 129 x 146.5 x 10.1 mm dimensions offers additional safety thanks to its red reflector. Light hitting the reflector is reliably reflected and signals to other road users, “Attention, there is an obstacle here – please reduce speed or stop or take evasive action.” The 70 gram lightweight reflex reflector is ECE type tested and complies with HELLA Standard 67101, Class 3.1. Produced using shatterproof PMMA/ABS plastic, the triangular reflector is extremely robust and resistant to shocks and impacts, and due to the degree of protection IP 5K9K, dustproof and high-pressure jet cleaner resistant. The HELLA triangular reflector also cuts a fine figure in looks: The dark appearance is understated and elegant without compromising the warning effect. Mounting is very simple using two adhesive strips.

Product Advantages

  • Triangular reflex reflector with dark look
  • Simple mounting with 2 adhesive strips
  • ECE type tested

Technical Data

Light function Reflector
Material PMMA/ABS
Weight 70 g
Temperature range -40 °C to +50 °C
Protection class IP 5K9K
Type approval ECE-R3
Specification HELLA Standard 67101, Class 3.1 Caravan standard
Mounting With 2 adhesive strips

Program Overview

DescriptionPart number
Triangular reflex reflector8RA 329 500-701