LED daytime running and position lamps set LEDayFlex II

Individual and flexible: With their angular modules, the modular LEDayFlex II LED daytime running and position lamps enable a particularly striking front design. Thanks to the flexibly interconnected modules, the daytime running lamps can be individually adapted to the respective vehicle front and integrate harmoniously into the vehicle’s design. The extremely shallow installation depth offers a high degree of design freedom during installation.


The individual rectangular modules each have a dimension of approx. 19 mm x 42 mm and are equipped with two high-performance LEDs.


The highly efficient LED technology stands for high energy efficiency, a long lifetime, and an eye-catching light pattern of the daytime running lamps. The vehicle can thus be better seen by other road users in daylight than with the low beam switched on. In addition, the LEDayFlex II daytime running lamps with position light relieve the normal lighting system and consume less fuel than low beams, reducing exhaust emissions.

Product Advantages

  • Adaptation to the vehicle contour within the context of type-approved attachment systems
  • Extremely flat installation depth of modules
  • High-performance LEDs for optimal light output

Technical Data

Rated voltage 12 V or 24 V
Light function Daytime running light, position light
Light source LED
Type approval ECE, SAE
Mounting By means of separate brackets (1 bracket per lamp module), brackets are each mounted with 2 fastening screws, individual modules are snapped into place)

Program Overview

Rated voltage Number of light modules Part number
12 V 5 2PT 980 789-051
24 V 5 2PT 980 789-051*


* For 24 V operation, please observe the requirements according to the installation instructions: The lamps are connected in series. Both items must be ordered! 


Required accessories  

Description Part number
12 V control unit with connecting cables 8KA 959 186-901
24 V control unit with connecting cables 8KA 959 186-911